CDA Community







The Duke DOM Career Development Award (CDA) Community is a longitudinal support program tailored for early-career faculty who currently have NIH K awards or other externally-funded CDAs and those actively pursuing external CDAs. Through the CDA Community, these faculty can receive support from their peers and DOM’s Research Development Council. 

The overall goal of the CDA Community is to support faculty well being, facilitate CDA acquisition, and promote transition to independence.  Participation will prevent early-career faculty from having to struggle in isolation with the various challenges, requirements, and administrative complexities associated with pursuing/executing CDAs.

The CDA Community comprises three interrelated components:

  1. Community 'space:' The CDA Community will provide a venue for participants to connect with their peers for formal and informal sharing of knowledge and experiences, and will facilitate the emergence of grant incubators and social connections.
  2. Coaching dyads: CDA Community participants will have the opportunity to connect with career stage-appropriate coaches who currently have external CDAs and/or R-level awards. 
  3. Networking within DOM: Participants will join networking events and receive individualized counseling with the DOM Research Development Council, in order to build relationships across DOM and enhance prospects for long-term research success.

To join, complete the brief registration form by February 16, 2024.

For additional details or questions, email Saini Pillai, MBA and the DOM Research Development Council.