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For inquiries that are specific to an investigator or a grant, please contact the GCA responsible for the division in which that grant is administered:

Division Contact Phone Email
Cardiology Brian DelVecchio 919-681-5955
Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Nutrition Adam Lawler 919-684-5407
Gastroenterology Michelle Merrit 919-668-9264
General Internal Medicine Michelle Merrit 919-668-9264
Geriatrics Adam Lawler 919-684-5407
Hematological Malignancies and Cellular Therapy Ginny Thorsen 919-668-1048
Hematology Ginny Thorsen 919-668-1048
Infectious Diseases Adam Lawler 919-684-5407
Medical Oncology Ginny Thorsen 919-668-1048
Nephrology Michelle Merrit 919-668-9264
Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine Brian DelVecchio 919-681-5955
Rheumatology and Immunology Adam Lawler 919-684-5407