Informatics Core added to DTMI voucher program

By Anton Zuiker
The Clinical and Laboratory Informatics Core has been added as a shared resource to the DTMI-DTRI voucher program, which offers Duke investigators up to $10,000 in funding for access to specialty core services in order to address specific questions in translational research projects, including assistance with research informatics. With more than 20 years of experience in informatics management, the Informatics Core team of professionals can assist investigators in study or repository setup, design of participation materials (questionnaires, forms, etc.), and even migration of legacy data and samples. Among the offerings of the Informatics Core is PEDIGENE, a tool that provides secure and HIPAA-compliant databasing for clinical, laboratory, biologic sample and -omics information. PEDIGENE also includes ClinApps, which provides custom clinical data entry forms and reports. By building onto the existing PEDIGENE backbone, investigators can save time and setup costs, and have a solution that is robust, scalable, secure and designed to grow with the investigator’s needs. For example, PEDIGENE can be used to provide a complete database, data management and analysis protocols for all aspects of a study, including clinical ascertainment and clinical follow-up, as well as protocols for data prep and analysis. Another recent example comes from Diane Uzarski, MPH, RN, project leader in Duke Translational Research Institute, who recently migrated a large collection of hepatology samples and collaborated with the Informatics Core to redesign an outdated clinical database to the Pedigene System. “We are in a better position to carry out our mission to foster breakthroughs in liver disease research,” she says. “Data queries are simplified, and the Core’s systems ensure the integrity of our precious data and samples. As a result, we have improved the efficiency of our research group, and have increased our potential for research collaborations by aligning our research with this valuable Duke shared resource.” For more information, visit or call Barbara Due at (919) 681-3561. Learn more about the voucher program at….