Wahid speaks at NC Life


The November 8 Clinical Research Forum hosted by the NC Life Sciences Organization at the NC Biotechnology Center focused on recruiting and retaining study participants using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Duke GIM assistant professor of medicine, Dr. Lana Wahid, was a panelist. 

The session looked at the use of AI/AIML in clinical trials, what AI options are being used, the use of connected devices and wearables, how we can streamline costs to make trials more affordable, and when to start thinking and planning for study participants.

Dr. Wahid leads the Hospital-Based Clinical Trials & Research Program at Duke. The program launched in July of 2022 and has become the lead enrolling site for multi-center, multi-national clinical trials. 

NCLifeSci Life Science forums are held throughout the year on a variety of topics to provide a platform for members to share insights and compare strategies for addressing common issues.