The Hospital-Based Clinical Trials & Research Program improves access of research to patients across the research triangle and in underserved populations.

The program officially launched in July 2022, with a focus on research that utilizes evidence-based design to improve quality of care, patient safety and outcomes of the hospitalized patient. Current projects include reducing readmissions, improving post-sepsis outcomes, decreasing bacteremia and pneumonia length of stay, reducing thrombotic events. Since inception, the program has received over $3 million in grant funding for their projects.


Research Infrastructure 

The research infrastructure spans across Duke University Health System, inclusive of three Duke hospitals at Duke University, Duke Regional and Duke Raleigh. The program strives to support community satellite sites as part of an expansive approach that supports all DUHS hospitalized patients. The approach will facilitate the program to exceed enrollment targets and improve diversity and inclusion in clinical trials, improving generalizability in the research. Unique to the Hospital-Based Clinical Trials & Research Program is development of site-specific staff and research champions, allowing the team to guide trials locally. Engagement of bedside clinicians as research champions allows for rapid translation of research into clinical practice.

Wahid Promotion

Lana Wahid, MD

Associate Chief, Hospital-Based Clinical Trials & Research Program

"Facilitating clinical trials across three (academic and community) hospitals allows us the ability to reach diverse patient populations and maximize patient enrollment in our clinical trials."  - Lana Wahid, MD

The program has become the lead enrolling site for multi-center, multi-national clinical trials. The program's success has led to significant research collaborations with other Duke principal investigators in the departments of infectious diseases, hematology, surgery, emergency medicine, psychiatry, and anesthesia.

If you are interested in bringing a clinical trial to Duke hospitals or collaborating with our team on project development, design or implementation, please contact