GIM Excellence Award Winners

2023 Awards

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  • GIM Medical Student Excellence Award: Rhea Dash, Duke Ms4
  • GIM Resident Excellence Award: Dr. Lauren Pinion, Senior Assistant Resident


  • Administrative Staff Excellence Award: Jessica Pennell, Regulatory Coordinator in GIM’s Hospital-Based Clinical Trial and Research Program
  • Hospital Medicine Staff Excellence Award: Terri Day, Administrative Specialist for Duke Regional Hospital
  • Primary Care Staff Excellence Award: Angela Wilson-Cross, Clinical Technician at the Duke Outpatient Clinic


  • Early Career Research Award: Dr. Rebecca Lumsden, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Primary Care Practice Excellence Award: Dr. Cecily Peterson, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Hospital Medicine Practice Excellence Award: Dr. Daniel Kaplan, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Clinical Mentoring AwardDr. Suchita Shah Sata, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Educational Excellence Award: Dr. James Howard, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Quality Improvement Award: Dr. Eliseu Chuang, Assistant Professor of Medicine

2022 Awards

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  • Administrative Staff Excellence Award: Christina Alamo, Duke GIM Staff Assistant
  • Hospital Medicine Staff Excellence AwardTamara Mueller, Hospital Medicine Strategic Services Associate
  • Primary Care Staff Excellence Award: Heather Beau, DOC Service Access Manager
  • Staff Excellence Team Award: GIM Research Staff Team
    Avi Alkon, Cassie Bowman, Ashley Cabacungan, Iris Pounds, Tara Strigo


2021 Awards

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  • Early Career Research Award: Lana Wahid, MD
  • Practice Excellence Award: Tara Spector, MD 
  • Clinical Mentoring Award: Dan Kaplan, MD
  • Research Mentoring Award: Rowena Dolor, MD
  • Educational Excellence Award: Jenny Van Kirk, MD
  • Quality Improvement Award: Colby Feeney, MD
  • Staff Excellence Award: Ytina Mangum
  • Staff Excellence Team Award: DUHS Hospital Medicine Team - Ginger Newbold, Angel Artis, Temika Allen, Tamara Mueller, Cody Woodlief, Jon Brewster, Terri Day, Jennifer Harris, Laura Kelly, Frenequa Holloway, Danielle Johnson, Kim Melton

2020 Awards

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  • Early Career Research Award: Emily Ko, MD
  • Practice Excellence Award: Noel Ivey, MD
  • Clinical Mentoring Award: Bruce Peyser, MD
  • Research Mentoring Award: Joel Boggan, MD
  • Educational Excellence Award: Suchita Shah Sata, MD
  • Quality Improvement Award: Aubrey Jolly-Graham, MD
  • Staff Excellence Award: Clare Il'Giovine

2019 Awards

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  • Early Career Research Award: Dana Clifton, MD, Oliver Glass, PhD
  • Practice Excellence Award: Elizabeth Hankollari, MD, Lawrence (Andy) Mumm, MD, Brian Schneider, MD, Kathleen Waite, MD
  • Clinical Mentoring Award: Alex Cho, MD, Cecily Peterson, MD
  • Educational Excellence Award: Megan Brooks, MD, J. Trig Brown, MD, Laura Caputo, MD, Colby Feeney, MD, Kenneth Goldberg, MD, Elizabeth Hankollari, MD, Nilesh Patel, MD, Anne Phelps, MD, Suchita Sata, MD, Fatima Syed, MD, Daniella Zipkin, MD
  • Quality Improvement Award: Dana Clifton, MD, Nathan Gray, MD, Elizabeth Malcolm, MD,  Katie Neal, MD
  • Staff Excellence Award: Ashley Cabacungan, Megan Churchill, Jan Dillard, William English, Clare Il’Giovine, Harriett Ware

2018 Awards

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  • Early Career Research Award: Karen Goldstein, MD
  • Practice Excellence Award: Pahresah Roomiany, MD
  • Clinical Mentoring Award: Vernee Belcher, MD
  • Research Mentoring Award: John Williams, MD
  • Educational Excellence Award: Poonam Sharma, MD
  • Quality Improvement Award: Aparna Kamath, MBBS + Kevin Shah, MD
  • Staff Excellence Award: Jennifer Bowen + Sharee Southern


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  • Early Career Research Award: ​Clarissa Diamantidis, MD + Paul Lantos, MD
  • Practice Excellence Award: Anne Phelps, MD
  • Clinical Mentoring Award: Daniella Zipkin, MD
  • Research Mentoring Award: David Edelman, MD
  • Educational Excellence Award: Megan Brooks, MD
  • Staff Excellence Award: Mark Bettger, Robin Byrd


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  • GIM Staff Excellence Award: Harriett Ware
  • Early Career Investigator Award: Leah Zullig, PhD
  • Research to Practice Award: Jennifer Gierisch, PhD
  • Outstanding Early Career Clinician-Educator Award: Karen Goldstein, MD
  • Outstanding Physician-Clinician Award: Daniella Zipkin, MD