GIM Excellence Award Winners

2018 Awards

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  • Early Career Research Award: Karen Goldstein, MD
  • Practice Excellence Award: Pahresah Roomiany, MD
  • Clinical Mentoring Award: Vernee Belcher, MD
  • Research Mentoring Award: John Williams, MD
  • Educational Excellence Award: Poonam Sharma, MD
  • Quality Improvement Award: Aparna Kamath, MBBS + Kevin Shah, MD
  • Staff Excellence Award: Jennifer Bowen + Sharee Southern


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  • Early Career Research Award: ​Clarissa Diamantidis, MD + Paul Lantos, MD
  • Practice Excellence Award: Anne Phelps, MD
  • Clinical Mentoring Award: Daniella Zipkin, MD
  • Research Mentoring Award: David Edelman, MD
  • Educational Excellence Award: Megan Brooks, MD
  • Staff Excellence Award: Mark Bettger, Robin Byrd


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  • GIM Staff Excellence Award: Harriett Ware
  • Early Career Investigator Award: Leah Zullig, PhD
  • Research to Practice Award: Jennifer Gierisch, PhD
  • Outstanding Early Career Clinician-Educator Award: Karen Goldstein, MD
  • Outstanding Physician-Clinician Award: Daniella Zipkin, MD