Medical Students

In addition to teaching courses and mentoring students throughout the School of Medicine, Internal Medicine faculty play an integral role in the Primary Care Leadership Track, a unique, 4-year track to train primary care leaders. It offers students a unique Longitudinal Integrated Clinical year (LIC) of mostly outpatient experiences. Students are paired with faculty in a variety of clinical settings and they work closely together for much of the year.  These settings include sites within Duke Primary Care, the Duke Outpatient Clinic, and the VA.

Additionally, the Internal Medicine faculty teach medical students in a variety of other courses both in the office setting as well as with the medical school. First year students learn interviewing and physical skills with faculty, and as well third year students participate in continuity style training over much of the year.  Fourth year students interested in internal medicine also have the opportunity to work closely with faculty in one month blocks in the outpatient setting.

The Internal Medicine faculty help teach within several courses at the medical school.  This includes the Practice Course as well as the second year course entitled Clinical Skills.  Also, teaching takes place within a Primary Care Seminar taught on Friday mornings.