GIM Fellowships: Quality

Palliative Care

Centered on efforts to improve palliative care for all populations. Projects and opportunities include spiritual care, counseling, mobile health platforms, communication and advance care planning, and data-intensive approaches to defining quality of care.

Sub-Track Leader: 
David Casarett, MD
"This fellowship provides US Board Certified or eligible physicians, coming from a variety of clinical specialties, with a comprehensive education in the care of both pediatric and adult patients with life-threatening, complex, chronic or debilitating illnesses. Trainees receive state-of-the-art education in a variety of clinical settings including Duke Health, Duke University School of Medicine, the Durham VAMC, and Duke Home Care and Hospice to provide outstanding and compassionate patient and family-centered physical, psychosocial and spiritual care."

VA Quality Scholars

Aimed to train interdisciplinary healthcare professionals in quality improvement scholarship. As a new VAQS site, Durham brings a wide array of expertise related to quality improvement and implementation science, including clinical experience in the fields of geriatrics, mental health, musculoskeletal disorders, and women’s health.  They will be recruiting from the fields of physical therapy, psychology, nursing and medicine.

Sub-Track Leader: 
Karen Goldstein, MD
"VA Quality Scholars offers an inter-professional, personally-tailored training experience that prepares clinicians scholars to be dynamic leaders in health care improvement. Current scholars are focusing on pre-operative measures of quality improvement for geriatric populations, psychologically informed pain management in physical therapy, telehealth for rural populations, and shared decision making in rehabilitation."