Our faculty members study the mechanisms and practices that influence human health. This research includes everything from prevention and management of chronic diseases that cause most of the death and injury in the United States to the way that health care is delivered, from the individual to the societal level.

Further training is possible:

  • in the curriculum we lead, the Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP) in collaboration with the Training Program in Clinical Research at the National Institutes of Health. This program offers a Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Research given by Duke University School of Medicine.
  • and the Post-Doctoral Fellowship in collaboration with the Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care in the Durham VA Medical Center for both MD and PhD scholars with an interest in training in health services research. Training grants are funded by the VA Office of Academic Affairs (OAA).
Research Areas

Areas of Research

Division faculty are international leaders in many subject areas


Methodologies in Research

A wide range of methods are utilized by our general internal medicine researchers

Partnering with other programs and schools

Areas of Research

Studies about data science involve: 

  • Clinical informatics
  • Clinical decision support
  • Learning health systems
  • Genomics and precision medicine

Faculty Experts: Drs. Susanne HagaLori OrlandoEric Poon

Studies about disparities involve:

  • Population-based studies
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Individual, Family and Community Intervention Studies

Faculty Experts: Drs. Kelli AllenKeisha Bentley-Edwards, Clarissa Diamantidis, Karen GoldsteinNia Mitchell

Studies about education involve:

  • Undergraduate medical education
  • Graduate education
  • Teaching the teachers
  • Clinician educator career path

Faculty Experts: Drs. Saumil ChudgarNilesh PatelJenny Van KirkDaniella Zipkin

Health services research relates to:

  • Treatment and intervention outcomes
  • Evidence synthesis
  • Care delivery models

Faculty experts: Drs. Kelli AllenJoel BogganFuad BohsaliDavid CasarettJames DavisRowena DolorDavid EdelmanKaren Goldstein, MDDavid MatcharEric Poon, Caroline SloanJohn WhitedJohn WilliamsWilliam Yancy

Our researchers are studying:

  • Behavioral and mental health
  • Complex care models
  • Opioid use and addiction
  • Palliative care
  • Religion and medicine
  • Weight management
  • Women’s health 

Faculty experts: Drs. David CasarettFarr CurlinKaren GoldsteinLawrence GreenblattNia MitchellJohn WilliamsWilliam Yancy

Our researchers are studying:

  • Physician-patient communication
  • Clinical decision-making
  • Medicine and religion




Faculty experts: Drs. Farr Curlin, Patrick Hemming,  Peter UbelFrank Wharam

This research covers fields related to:

  • Health behavior
  • Health communication
  • ​Shared and informed decision making
  • Complementary and alternative medicine

Faculty experts: Drs. Sutoidem AkpanudioKelli AllenDavid Casarett,  James DavisClarissa Diamantidis, Rowena DolorDavid EdelmanKaren GoldsteinDavid Ming, Eric Poon John W. Williams

This is the field of research about:

  • Health policy
  • Economic analysis

Faculty experts: Kelli AllenKeisha Bentley-Edwards, Jeff Clough, James DavisDavid HalpernPaul LantosDavid Matchar, David MingEric PoonKevin Shah, Caroline Sloan, Frank Wharam

Studies about primary care involve:

  • Translating science into the practice of medicine and caring for patients 
  • Understanding how to better organize health care to meet patient and population needs
  • Evaluating innovations to provide the best health care to patients 
  • Engaging patients, communities, and practices to improve health 

Many of our faculty members involved in primary care research are part of the Duke Primary Care Research Consortium

Faculty Experts: Drs. Alex ChoRowena DolorLawrence GreenblattKevin ShahWilliam Yancy

Research in this field covers:

  • Care delivery models
  • Quality improvement and safety
  • Learning health systems

Faculty experts: Kelli AllenJonathan Bae, Joel Boggan, Fuad Bohsali Anisha ChandiramaniDana CliftonRowena DolorDavid GallagherJonathan LovinsDavid Matchar, David Ming, Katherine NealCara O'BrienNilesh PatelEric Poon, Noppon SetjiKevin ShahSuchita Shah Sata

Mission: Through the conduct of high-quality research, we will contribute to improved health outcomes for all hospitalized patients 

  • To create a robust infrastructure to facilitate hospital-based clinical trials and research activities across the Duke health system hospitals
  • To encourage and support collaborations between bedside clinicians and investigators for the successful conduct of clinical research
  • To collaborate with the health system to synergize research and clinical efforts to improve health system’s care delivery and outcomes

Faculty Experts: Drs. Lana Wahid, David Ming, Emily Ko, Tatyana Der