Lung and Heart-Lung Transplant Research Program

In addition to our outstanding clinical program, Duke is also a world leader in lung transplant research.

Our team has led numerous multicenter and single studies that have contributed to advancing patient care, and conducted basic and translational research that has enhanced our understanding of transplant immunology.

Researchers in the Duke Lung and Heart-Lung Transplant Program have authored or co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed research publications and edited several books or special journal issues devoted to transplantation.

Current Research Studies

Current research in the Lung and Heart-Lung Transplant Program examines the causes of acute and chronic organ rejection as well as ways to accurately predict which patients will suffer from acute or chronic rejection.

Find out about current studies being conducted by researchers in our program.

Past Research Studies

Researchers in the Lung and Heart-Lung Transplant Program at Duke continually search for new and innovative ways to improve lung transplant outcomes. Their research has helped to improve the field of lung transplantation and has resulted in improved outcomes for patients.

Learn more about recent research studies conducted by our program.