Amy Lynn Corneli, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine
member of the Duke Clinical Research Institute
Campus mail P.O. Box 17969, Durham, NC 27705
Phone (919) 668-0647
Email address

Education and Training

  • Fellow, Center for Disease Control, 1997 - 2000
  • Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2004
  • M.P.H., Emory University, 1995


Khan, AS, Kitsutani, PT, and Corneli, AL. "Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in the Americas: the early years." Seminars in respiratory and critical care medicine 21, no. 4 (January 2000): 313-322.

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Parker, C, Corneli, A, Agot, K, Odhiambo, J, Asewe, J, Ahmed, K, Skhosana, J, Ratlhagana, M, Lanham, M, Wong, C, Deese, J, Manongi, R, and Van Damme, L. "Lessons learnt from implementing an empirically informed recruitment approach for FEM-PrEP, a large HIV prevention clinical trial (Published online)." Open Access Journal of Clinical Trials: 1-1.

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Mack, N, Kirkendale, , Omullo, P, Odhiambo, , Ratlhagana, , Masaki, M, Siguntu, P, Agot, K, Ahmed, , Kapiga, S, Lombaard, J, Van Damme, L, and Corneli, . "Implementing good participatory practice guidelines in the FEM-PrEP Preexposure Prophylaxis Trial for HIV Prevention among African Women: a focus on local stakeholder involvement (Published online)." Open Access Journal of Clinical Trials: 127-127.

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