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Faculty Spotlight: David Halpern, MD
April 11, 2019
Meet David Halpern, MD, a consulting associate in our division. Learn more about his work, family, and interests in our interview below.
DOC's Fresh Produce Program
April 11, 2019
Nutrition is a vital part of public health, yet access to good quality food for low-income individuals can be problematic. That is why The Duke...
Rheumatic Diseases and Pregnancy: How do Outcomes Correlate to Patient-Reported Measures?
April 9, 2019
When a woman with rheumatic disease is pregnant, she may experience many symptoms--some from her underlying disease and some from pregnancy itself. Which of these symptoms signal increased risk for preterm delivery? Nathaniel Harris, MD, PhD , an intern in the Duke internal medicine residency program, spent his third year of medical school, also at Duke, plumbing the DAP registry for insights into this question.
Rheumatic Diseases and Pregnancy: Should HCQ Dose Change in Pregnancy?
April 9, 2019
For women who take hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to control rheumatic disease, research has shown that it’s best for mother and baby to continue the medicine during pregnancy. But should the dose be maintained, decreased, or increased? Stephen Balevic, MD , assistant professor of pediatrics and medicine (Rheumatology and Immunology), set out to investigate this question using data from the Duke Autoimmunity in Pregnancy registry.
Helping Women with Rheumatic Disease Have Families
April 9, 2019
In her clinic, Megan Clowse, MD, MPH , associate professor of medicine (Rheumatology and Immunology), helps patients with rheumatic disease safely navigate pregnancy while managing their disease. In her research, she gathers and analyzes data about the best pregnancy planning and management practices. She’s also working to educate providers and patients on a larger scale. “I’m trying to figure out how everyone can get state-of-the-art care from their local rheumatologist in order to have healthy pregnancies,” she says. “My mission is that all women with rheumatic disease can have the families they want.”
3 DGIM faculty at national EBM workshop
April 4, 2019
This past week was the 17th year for Duke Teaching and Leading EBM , a workshop for educators and champions from across the country to be...
Core Facility Voucher Program helps move forward DOM faculty research
April 3, 2019
Gentzon Hall, MD, PhD , assistant professor of medicine (Nephrology), is passionate about a specialty area of research that is often overlooked by potential funders - the genetically targeted treatment of Familial Nephrotic Syndrome. “This disease doesn’t have many treatments, especially not that are targeted. The few that are targeted have ill-defined effects with general guidelines,” Dr. Hall said. The uncharted territory of this research area left him in a familiar conundrum for many investigators: pursue his passion in an uphill battle or give it up in favor of a more fundable concept.