2023 DIHI Innovation Projects in GIM

Duke Institute for Health Innovation (DIHI) recently announced their innovation projects to be implemented as part of DIHI’s annual call for project ideas in Automation to Enhance Healthcare Operational Efficiency. Among the recipients were 3 projects that included members from Duke GIM (bolded):

Automating CMS Quality Measure Curation

  • Cara O’Brien, MD, Associate Vice Chair of Inpatient Services, Dept. of Medicine
  • Dustin Tart, RN, Duke University Hospital
  • Kai Deshpande, MD, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care

Automating Behavioral Health Evaluation in Primary Care

  • Mya Sendak, MD, Pediatrician, Durham Pediatrics, Duke Primary Care
  • Lisa Ferrari, MD, Practice Medical Director, Durham Pediatrics, Duke Primary Care
  • Sara Johnson, MBA, Director, Population Health, Duke Primary Care
  • Kitty O’Hare, MD, Senior Medical Director for Pediatrics, Duke Primary Care
  • David Halpern, MD, Medical Director, Population Health, Duke Primary Care
  • Gary Maslow, MD, Director of Child and Family Mental Health and Community Psychiatry
  • Richard Chung, MD, Adolescent Health, Duke Children’s Primary Care
  • Carolyn Avery, MD, Practice Medical Director, Duke Children’s Primary Care

Automated Patient Care Assignment: Accelerating every-day operational efficiency

  • Zahra Mahbooba, MPH, Performance Services
  • Eliseu Chuang, MD, MHA, Hospital Medicine, Associate Medical Director
  • Nadia Pasha, MD, Hospital Medicine, Associate Medical Director
  • Ruwan Gamarallage, MD, Hospitalist
  • Nathaniel Thompson, MD, Hospitalist
  • Vanitha Gopal, MD, Hospitalist
  • Peter Berry, DNP, ACNO, Inpatient Nursing
  • Katia Ferguson, MSN, Clinical Operations Director, Inpatient Nursing
  • Kelsey Seidl, MSN, Clinical Operations Director, Oncology
  • Diane Mitchell, MHA, Operations Administration, Administrative Director
  • Tiffany Taylor, MHA, Operation Administration, Manager
  • Dawn Dolby, Operations Coordinator
  • Ethel Houston, Bed Placement Coordinator
  • Barbara Griffith, MD, President, Duke Raleigh Hospital