2023 Fellows Match Day: Duke Residents Match in 11 Subspecialties with 20 Remaining at Duke

The Duke Department of Medicine joined thousands across the country on Wednesday, November 29 for the 2023 Fellowship Match Day. Many Duke Internal Medicine residents gathered in Duke North 2002 with excitement to learn where their educational journey would take them next as they continue to move medicine forward.

Duke residents matched in 11 subspecialties with 20 remaining at Duke continuing Duke’s longstanding commitment of building a pipeline to maintain the next generation of leaders.

Check out all of the excitement and hear from DOM leaders in the video below! Click here to learn more about our incoming subspecialty fellows. 


Name  Specialty Location
Nijat Aliyev Cardiology Cleveland Clinic
LaShondra Arnold Endocrinology Emory
John Barber Allergy and Immunology Duke
Sarah Barlow Palliative Care Duke
Ben Berger Pulmonary Critical Care Stanford
Maxine Chan Infectious Diseases Columbia
Shivy Chandramouli Gastroenterology Baylor
Fouad Chouairi Cardiology Brigham and Women's
Kristin Corey Pulmonary Critical Care Duke
Sean Doerfler HemeOnc/Palliative Care UPMC
Courtney Dominguez Endocrinology Duke
Nicole Dussault Palliative Care Duke
Chelsea Gaviola Pulmonary Critical Care MGH/BIDMC
Hope Glowacki Gastroenterology MUSC
Mae Hamilton Pulmonary Critical Care Duke
Hubie Haywood Cardiology Duke
Michael Ibrahim Cardiology Georgetown
Katie Jordan Gastroenterology UCSD
Apurva Khedagi Cardiology UCSD
Jackie Kercheval Pulmonary Critical Care Colorado
Mike Kiritsy Infectious Diseases Duke 
Melissa Klein Infectious Diseases Duke
Jon Kusner Cardiology Duke
Callie Lilley Gastroenterology Duke
Jon Magnus Johannesson Infectious Diseases Duke
Andrew Maul Cardiology UPMC
William McAlpine Heme/Oncology Duke
Shannon McGue Heme/Oncology Duke
Kaela Miller Gastroenterology Indiana University
Sarah Morgan Geriatrics Rochester
Rohit Nair Cardiology Emory
Sachi Oshima Gastroenterology Duke
Jacob Pierce Cardiology UNC
Matt Pisarcik Heme/Oncology Duke
Shelief Robbins Juarez Cardiology UCSD
Gregg Robbins Welty Palliative Care UPMC
Londyn Robinson Rheumatology  University of Washington
Bari Rosenberg Combined med adult/peds heme/oncology NIH/Hopkins
Hannah Schwennesen Cardiology Duke
Katelyn Seale Heme/Oncology Duke
Nishkala Shivakumar Cardiology Duke
Zachary Silver Pulmonary Critical Care UCSF
Nandita Singh Pulmonary Critical Care Cornell
Katie Smith Pulmonary Critical Care UNC
Hannah Sofia Brown Gastroenterology Duke
Matt Townsend Gastroenterology MGH
Drew Vista Cardiology Cleveland Clinic
Dan Weinberg Gastroenterology Rochester
Audrey Zhang General Internal Medicine BIDMC
Resident Matched Map