Battleship Asbestos

By Anton Zuiker
Wayne Tsuang, MD, pulmonary and critical care fellow, recently presented cases at the Interdisciplinary Chest Conference (meets each Wednesday at 8:30 am in Radiology conference room), including one involving asbestos exposure and interstitial pulmonary fibrosis. Among the resources Tsuang cited was this graphic of a WWII battleship showing the levels of risk of asbestos exposure by zone of the ship -- imagine the big 16-inch guns rattling the ship and asbestos dusting the sailors:

He also cited publications by Thomas Sporn, MD, associate professor of pathology , including "Asbestos Fiber Content of Lungs WithDiffuse Interstitial Fibrosis". Dr. Sporn also attended the conference and participated in the discussion.

Schneider F, Sporn TA, & Roggli VL (2010). Asbestos fiber content of lungs with diffuse interstitial fibrosis: An analytical scanning electron microscopic analysis of 249 cases. Archives of pathology & laboratory medicine, 134 (3), 457-61 PMID: 20196673