Match Day featured in The Chronicle

Alex Fanaroff, graduating fourth-year medical student and upcoming Duke internal medicine resident, highlights the unique process that leads up to Match Day-- from applying to different hospitals, ranking your favorites, and fretfully waiting for Match Day to come-- in his biweekly column featured in The Chronicle. He also comments on the thrill and happiness that Match Day brings,
Match Day feels like the day where we officially become doctors (even though we won’t earn the title until graduation day). I have a job for the next year and a real plan for my life. I’m even starting to get mail addressed to Dr. Fanaroff. On June 30, I’ll actually be someone’s doctor. And for the first time, I can feel that way without simultaneously feeling ridiculous. Somewhere in the midst of the letter-opening, friend-spinning, chairman-schmoozing and all-day-partying, Match Day managed to convince me I was actually going to be a physician in a way that four years of medical training never could.
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