Medicine Programs Earn ACGME Continued Accreditation

Every Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) program in the Department of Medicine (DOM) has earned continued accreditation without any citations or areas for improvement.

The department has many GME training programs, 20 of which are ACGME-accredited programs that undergo annual ACGME review.

“This is a huge accomplishment for the Department,” said Lisa Criscione-Schreiber, MD, MEd, vice chair for education. “We are fortunate to have so many dedicated program directors, associate program directors, and program coordinators who work tirelessly to support training the nearly 330 trainees across Duke DOM programs.”

“What a remarkable achievement for the department and for our program directors, associate program directors and program coordinators,” said Department of Medicine Chair Kathleen Cooney, MD. “We are grateful for each of these individuals for their hard work and unwavering dedication to our education mission. Please join us in thanking them for a job well done.”    

Program Program Director Associate Program Director(s) Program Coordinator(s)
Internal Medicine Residency Aimee Zaas Joel Boggan, David Butterly, Bill Hargett, Nia Mitchell, Jenny Van Kirk, Dani Zipkin Emily Sikes, Bridget Copen
Medicine-Psychiatry Residency Jane Gagliardi Nicole Helmke Bridget Copen
Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Anna Lisa Chamis Camille Frazer-Mills Brianna Small
Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Talal Dahhan   Traci Womble
Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation Fellowship Richa Agarwal   Brianna Small
Adult Congenital Heart Disease Fellowship (Advanced Training) Richard Krasuski   Brianna Small
Infectious Diseases Fellowship Eileen Maziarz Lance Okeke Marianne Drexler
Interventional Cardiology Fellowship (Advanced Training) Schuyler Jones   Brianna Small
Nephrology Fellowship Matt Sparks Harpreet Singh, Christina Wyatt Marianne Drexler
Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship (Advanced Training) Don Hegland   Brianna Small
Geriatric Fellowship Mamata Yanamadala Katja Elbert-Avila Susanne Harris
Hospice and Palliative Care Fellowship Alisha Benner   Susanne Harris
Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Richard Riedel Gow Arepally Nyasia Lloyd
Rheumatology Fellowship David Leverenz Dave Caldwell Nyasia Lloyd
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Stephen Bergin   Traci Womble
Gastroenterology Fellowship Rick Wood Darsh Kothari Jill Rimmer
Endocrinology Fellowship Matt Crowley   Traci Womble
Clinical Informatics Eric Poon    
Transplant Hepatology Fellowship (Advanced Training) Lindsay King Bonike Oloruntoba Sanders Jill Rimmer
Medicine-Pediatrics Residency  Colby Feeney Jane Trinh Ashley Bowes

The ACGME is a not-for-profit organization that sets standards for U.S. graduate medical education programs and the institutions that sponsor them, and renders accreditation decisions based on compliance with these standards.

In academic year 2019-2020, there were approximately 865 ACGME-accredited institutions sponsoring approximately 12,000 residency and fellowship programs in 182 specialties and subspecialties. ACGME accreditation provides assurance that a sponsoring institution or program meets the quality standards of the specialty or subspecialty practices for which it prepares its graduates.

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