Zafar awarded ACS Mentored Scholar Research Award

By Anton Zuiker
S. Yousuf Zafar, MD, MHS, assistant professor of medicine (Medical Oncology), was recently notified that he has been awarded the American Cancer Society Mentored Scholar Research Grant (a 4-year career development award). "I wanted to thank you for your ongoing support of my research career," Zafar wrote to Jeffrey Crawford, MD, chief of the Division of Medical Oncology, and John Hamilton, MD, professor of medicine (Infectious Diseases) and lead of Duke's Mentored Clinical Research Scholar Program (KL-2). "I clearly could not have accomplished this without your support or without the support of the KL2 career development award, which provided time for developing a significant body of preliminary data." Hear Zafar explain the research he'll be able to do with his new grant: Yousuf Zafar explains his research Amy Abernethy, MD, associate professor of medicine (Medical Oncology) will serve as mentor to Zafar.