House Staff

Fellowship year: 2023-2024  

Residency: Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Program at East Carolina University Health in Greenville, North Carolina  

I am thrilled to continue my medical education at Duke! As an enthusiastic problem solver, I was fortunate create several community-based healthcare initiatives as an undergraduate Levine Scholar at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, employee at the Levine Cancer Institute, and medical student at the Brody School of Medicine. I was fortunate to have parents that demonstrated the ability to advocate for those in need, modeled compassionate service to others, and emphasized life-long learning. Yet, it has been the unwavering support of my husband and motivation to succeed for future generations – that have made my professional endeavors realities.  

My professional mission is to create the opportunity, if desired, for every medically eligible child to be able die at home throughout North Carolina. Currently, many counties in North Carolina do not have pediatric end-of-life services. It will take substantial teamwork, funding, advocacy, and detailed decision making to make this calling a reality. Children and their families deserve this chance, and I know the connections I will start to make at Duke can help this mission.  

Choosing to train at Duke was an easy decision. Duke has a well-established reputation of not only training the best physicians, but also, recruiting the most complex patients. The combination of medical expertise, resources, respected Hospice and Palliative Medicine faculty, and patient variation drew me to this program. I specifically desired to learn through a Pediatrics Track within the fellowship, and Duke had this unique opportunity. I was honored and humbled to become a fellow.  

When I am not trying to solve incredibly complex social scenarios (which I enjoy very much), at home I am playing with my daughter, enjoying moments that make me laugh, and soaking in a sunset after a long outdoor adventure. My favorite animal is a dwarf Nigerian goat, and I am patiently awaiting the chance to own a small herd.  

I am excited this year to learn something from every patient and provider I encounter. I look forward to exploring the Triangle area and hopefully calling it home. If we have the chance to meet, I look forward to hearing your story.  


House Staff