Courtney  Richman
Junior Assistant Resident, Med-Peds
House Staff

Start Year: 2021


Waterloo, IA

Where did you attend college/university?
Washington University in St. Louis

Where did you attend medical school?
Duke University School of Medicine

What are your career goals?
I'm hoping to live out the Med-Peds dream through either combined hospital medicine or combined gastroenterology (IBD-ology vs hepatology), ideally in a setting that allows me to spend a lot of time teaching and to dabble in research.

Reflections on the Duke Program

What were you looking for in a residency program?
Professionally, I was looking for a place that would foster both clinical competency and compassion. I wanted to be challenged to be autonomous while also feeling supported by an engaged and encouraging community. Personally, I wanted to be in a place with lots of things to do (and new food/drinks to try) but that felt relaxed and friendly. Spending time outdoors is incredibly important to me, so I wanted to be somewhere with lots of green space.

What are your observations about the relationships between faculty and house staff?
Faculty are enthusiastic about working with house staff and truly view teaching as an essential part of our daily work. While being incredibly accomplished, faculty are very approachable and eager to meet learners where they are. Mentorship happens both formally and informally, which helps build a strong sense of community early on that only continues to grow.

Tell us about your co-residents. What has helped you connect, support each other, and form friendships?
My co-residents are incredible! My MP cohort, the categorical residents, and the prelims make this job so fun and so meaningful.

About Duke University and Durham

What is the best thing about living in Durham and the Triangle?
All the outdoor space -- Duke Forest, Eno River, Duke Gardens, the NC Art Museum park, and easy access to the mountains and the coast!

What are your interests outside of medicine?
I bake a lot and exercise to offset the baking (mostly hiking, yoga, and something like a brisk shuffle jog)! I'm also a big fan of live music, a good cup of coffee or tea, Spanish telenovelas, and very dense books.

House Staff