Sanjay  Gadi
Junior Assistant Resident
House Staff


Raleigh, NC

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Medical School
Harvard Medical School

What are your career goals?
I have interests in gastroenterology, nutrition as medicine, and health policy.

Reflections on the Duke Program

What were you looking for in a residency program?
I was looking for a program that would provide strong training in internal medicine and opportunities to build my career, all while nurturing a community-oriented culture.

What are the strengths of the Duke Program?
One of the greatest strengths that the Duke Program has to offer is training across its multiple clinical environments. I get to care for a people of various backgrounds who come in with myriad presentations, which ultimately makes for a rich training experience and a rewarding career.

What are your observations about the relationships between faculty and house staff?
The faculty and house staff work well together to create an environment of collegiality and learning. I appreciate how my attendings know when to make room for my autonomy and when to offer more support. They value my contributions to the team while also encouraging my growth as a clinical through excellent teaching. I have also been impressed with how faculty at Duke sometimes take on resident tasks in an effort to advance patient care and lighten our workload. It is clear that faculty here really care about the house staff and colleagues and individuals.

Tell us about your co-residents. What has helped you connect, support each other, and form friendships?
The culture here at Duke is one that values mutual support and camaraderie. I know I can always ask for help, whether regarding a clinical question, a scheduling issue, or anything else. It's such a privilege to be part of the #DukeFam!

What has surprised you most about Duke?
I was most surprised by the attention to resident wellness. I have heard that residency is difficult, and while it certainly is at times, the multiple programs that GME has in place help a lot. The Internal Medicine residency has been great at being attentive to our needs to create a more positive work and learning environment as well.

About Life in Durham

What is the best thing about living in Durham and the Triangle?
It is a really exciting time to be living in Durham and the Triangle with all of the growth and change that is going on. The food scene and access to many outdoor activities are particularly notable!

How does the Triangle appeal to people of diverse backgrounds?
I think people often underestimate the diversity that the Triangle offers. There are people of all different backgrounds living here, and with that comes along a richness of culture and experiences. The range of geography offered by this area and the state is incredible. We also are in the center of a hub of innovation amidst the universities, research, technology, and businesses in the area.

Where did you choose to live and why?
I live between Duke Hospitals and downtown to have good access to both areas.

What advice would you give to someone looking to move to Durham?
I wouldn't count Durham out just because it isn't a larger city! It's a beautiful, small urban environment with much to offer and that is rapidly growing. We get all the benefits of the living in the South (weather, cost of living, diverse patient populations) while getting to train at a top-tier institution.

What are your interests outside of medicine?
I stay active by weight lifting and have gotten into running just recently. I also like to spend time outdoors, which is thankfully very easy to do here! I also enjoy making art (drawing, painting, multi-media), reading, trying out new recipes, and watching TV & movies. I raise plants as well - easy to do with all the NC sunshine!

House Staff