PWIM Sponsoring Faculty Member for AAMC Early-Career Women Leadership Seminar


The Program for Women in Internal Medicine in the Department of Medicine is pleased to sponsor one department of medicine faculty member to attend the AAMC Early-Career Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar July 16-19, 2024, Rancho Bernardo Inn; San Diego, CA. Eligible faculty are women at the Assistant Professor level who have been at that rank for a minimum of 2 years as of the date of the seminar, and who have held an academic appointment at a school of medicine for 8 years or less.

This popular and highly interactive seminar provides foundational leadership knowledge and skills that will enable faculty to achieve their career goals, advance, and thrive as a successful leader in academic medicine and science.

The seminar will present a foundation for modeling leadership behavior, and participants will learn critical skills and strategies to assist them as they prepare for academic promotion/advancement and to identify and take advantage of leadership opportunities. Due to the content focus, applicants’ CVs must highlight activities that demonstrate progress towards academic promotion and engagement in leadership roles. Examples of these activities will vary depending on the individual’s career path. Examples of progress towards promotion may include publications or other scholarly works, grant awards, teaching, or clinical activities. Examples of leadership roles may include formal and informal leadership roles such as leading a lab group, membership in or chairing an institutional or national committee, course director, director of a fellowship program or clinic, etc.

Seminar activities will focus on expanding attendees’ network of colleagues through the facilitation of peer discussions, large- and small-group sessions, and activities to gain additional insights from faculty and peers alike. There is an emphasis on establishing personal leadership skills and practices to serve as a foundation for success as women prepare to advance to higher faculty ranks and navigate into leadership positions.

If you are interested in being considered for PWIM sponsorship, please fill out the form by 01/19/2024.  Members of the office of the Vice-Chair for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Drs. Svetkey and Zipkin) will select one faculty member to nominate to attend and will notify the applicant by email. The faculty person selected will be asked to report back on their experience to the broader PWIM community at a later date.