Frederick R. Cobb Non-Invasive Vascular Research Laboratory

Jason D. Allen, PhD, Primary Investigator


213 Wallace Clinic
Center for Living Campus
Durham, NC, 27710
Phone: 919-660-6764
Fax: 919-668-6301

Campus mail

DUMC Box 3022, Durham, NC, 27710

DPT office

Erwin Square Plaza
2200 W. Main Street,
Wing B, Suite 230
Phone: 919 681 4620


Under the direction of Jason D. Allen, PhD, the laboratory investigates vascular health and the atherosclerotic process. We combine physiological and biochemical techniques in an attempt to better detect markers of vessel disease development.

Dr. Allen is also a registered vascular specialist (RVS) through Cardiovascular Credentialing International.

Our major focus is peripheral blood flow, endothelial function, and nitric oxide (NO) bioavailability.

Under normal (healthy) conditions, NO has a vaso-protective role. Changes in the bioavailability or chemical species of NO may have a detrimental effect on vascular health.

Efforts to determine markers of NO bioavailability and vascular function may help determine who has the switch for vascular disease turned on or off.

We also investigate the outcomes of different treatment interventions on the vascularture. Exercise training as treatment for vascular disease is a specific interest of ours.

We provide an advanced vascular prevention screening service to the Duke Executive Health Program, the Duke Diet and Fitness Center, and select endocrinology patients.

Our research mission is supported by studies funded by the National Institutes of Health, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Heart Association. We are also involved in several industry-sponsored trials (see research projects).