Lan Mao, MD

Assistant Professor in Medicine
Campus mail 231 Clin Res Lab Bldg, Durham, NC 27710
Phone (919) 668-2530
Email address

I. Research:
As the director of mouse physiology laboratory, in charge for the all events related with Dr. Howard Rockman's molecular biology laboratory studies needs.
Participate in research in rodents model:
Perform surgery and serve as co-investigator in studies on transgenic mice with heart failure. Develop models of hypertrophy in small animal using micro-surgical techniques (aortic constriction, left ventricular infarction and abdominal aortocaval fistula) and perform a variety physiological studies, obtain and analysis data on hemodynamic study and prepare tissue specimens for father molecular biological study.
Develop and apply surgical techniques for in vivo myocardial function study on small animal, such as, using new developed devices study in vivo mice cardiac function (pressure-volume lop), instrumented mice for conscious blood pressure measure or administration of medicine---carotid artery or gull duck catheterization, and conscious mice echocardiography.
Develop techniques for micro-injection of proteins and vectors in to mouse left ventricle, coronary artery and portal vein.

II. Teaching
10% of time allocated/spent---
Train postdoctoral fellows, visiting scientists and students from all over the world in laboratory procedure involving, including endotracheal intubations, cardiac catheterization, coronary occlusion and intrathoracic/intra-abdominal surgical procedures.
Teach methods of data recording and analysis using laboratory equipments and computer programs, echocardiography apply and measurement.

III. Consultant
Consult and teach microsurgical techniques related on small animals such as, rabbits, rat, hamsters and mice, like mice heart-lung transplantation, portal vein injection and mini-pump implant.
Co-laboratory with large range of Universities and Research Institutes from United States an other countries.

Education and Training

  • M.D., Beijing Medical University (China), 1979


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Full Text

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Full Text

Skavdahl, Maryanne, Charles Steenbergen, James Clark, Page Myers, Tracy Demianenko, Lan Mao, Howard A. Rockman, Kenneth S. Korach, and Elizabeth Murphy. “Estrogen receptor-beta mediates male-female differences in the development of pressure overload hypertrophy.” Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 288, no. 2 (February 2005): H469–76.

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