Neil Ross MacIntyre, MD

Professor of Medicine
Campus mail 1120 Hosp North, Durham, NC 27710
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1) Mechanical Ventilation and respiratory failure. Current projects involve studying patient-ventilator interactions during modes of support that require patient activity. The focus is on ventilatory muscle function during these assisted modes. Other projects include evaluating respiratory system mechanics in acute respiratory failure and the role of ECMO in the adult. Duke is also one of several institutions in the NIH ARDS Network, a consortium designed to perform multi-center trials.

2) Diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide. Current projects involve using a rapidly responding gas analyzer to measure lung diffusing capacity in discrete regions of the lung. These analyses are being extended into mechanically ventilated patients.

3) COPD. Current projects involve studying the physiology of cardio-respiratory conditioning in patients with obstructive lung disease and the role of pulmonary rehabilitation in improving COPD outcomes. Duke is also a member of two NIH sponsored multicenter programs: the COPDgene project correlating genetic profiles with physiologic/clinical phenotypes; and the NIH LOTT project evaluating the role of oxygen therapy in exercise and sleep hypoxemia.

4) Aerosol delivery systems. The current project is the development of a prototype aerosol generating catheter that can be directly inserted into the airways. Studies are being conducted in both ex vivo animal lungs and in mechanically ventilated patients.

Education and Training

  • M.D., Cornell University, 1972


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Dunne, Patrick J., Neil R. Macintyre, Ulrich H. Schmidt, Carl F. Haas, Kathy Jones-Boggs Rye, Garry W. Kauffman, and Dean R. Hess. “Respiratory care year in review 2011: long-term oxygen therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation, airway management, acute lung injury, education, and management..” Respir Care 57, no. 4 (April 2012): 590–606.

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