Pearls from 12/1/20 Medicine LEADS

Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Dec. 1, 2020 session of Duke Medicine LEADS featured Kenyon Railey, MD, presenting "Merry Go Round or Modify: Defeating Disparities through Disruption."

Here are pearls and takeaways from the session:

Inclusive Excellence for an Organization involves four elements:

  1. Intellectual and social development
  2. Purposeful development and utilization of organization resources to enhance learning
  3. Attention to cultural differences brought to the educational experience that enhance the enterprise 
  4. Welcoming community that engages all its members in learning 

The institutional curriculum consists of the institution’s philosophies, mission, teachers, policies, and processes. Ideally this manifests as a core philosophy of equitable patient care that is taught in formal policies, processes, and in informal relationships and discussions with patients, peers, and providers. 

Ensuring equity in health care must involve making culturally relevant decisions.  

  1. Develop your lens in culturally relevant decision making: Work to understand how beliefs, worldviews, stereotypes, history, values, assumptions may (or may not be) relevant to decisions; recall that intent does not equal impact.
  2. Keep asking questions regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion: What is the DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) angle? How might this decision impact vulnerable members? What is the worst thing that could happen if we move forward with this course of action...or if we take no action? 
  3. Build a strategy team: Often leadership teams are absent of racial, gender, economic, disability, and experiential diversity. During crisis we must strengthen our ability to analyze DEI issues, making sure to leverage the power of MORE diverse perspectives to make more powerful decisions 

Watch the recorded session

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