Lifelong Education and Discussion Series

In October 2020, the Department of Medicine will launch a new continuing medical education series for our faculty and trainees.

The Duke Medicine Learning, Education, and Discussion Series (LEADS) will take place each Tuesday at 12 p.m.

Together with Medicine Grand Rounds, Duke Medicine LEADS will keep our knowledge current and our skills sharp while strengthening our commitment to being a values-driven, data-driven, and anti-racist department.


Chetan Patel, MD, vice chair for clinical affairs, is activity director for Duke Medicine LEADS.

"We live in a rapidly changing world, and there are many forces pushing and pulling the delivery of health care in the United States. New medical knowledge is broadly available through multiple platforms; value-based care and other payment models are creating practice changes; wearable devices and other technologies are connecting us to our patients in unprecedented ways; and there is a need for a thorough examination of racism and systemic causes of health disparities."

Duke Medicine LEADS will help fill gaps in knowledge as well as cultivate the inspiration that comes from interacting with our community of faculty and trainees.

Dr. Patel and a planning committee will tap the vast knowledge within the department to invite faculty and trainees to be presenters and discussion facilitators. See below to learn more.

Rotating themes

The series will include four rotating themes, guided by teams of faculty and our chief residents:

  • Health Equities and Disparities in Medicine, for ongoing dialogue about diversity, equity, and inclusion — Laura Svetkey and Kim Evans (senior leads), Julius Wilder (faculty lead), and Stephanie Garbarino (chief resident).
  • Diagnostic Reasoning and Discussions, a case-based discussion — Aimee Zaas (senior lead), Eileen Maziarz (faculty lead), and Matt Labriola (chief resident).
  • Quality and Systems-based Approaches in Medicine, explorations of quality, process improvement, and value-based care — Chet Patel (senior lead), Darsh Kothari (faculty lead), and Govind Krishnan (chief resident).
  • Topic-based Clinical Updates, to review internal medicine guidelines and explore new therapies — Anne Phelps (senior lead), David Leverenz and Stephen Bergin (faculty leads), and Hannah Dzimitrowicz (chief resident).


Duke Medicine LEADS will qualify for continuing medical education credits beginning in January 2021.

How to participate

Duke Medicine LEADS sessions will take place in Zoom. Instructions for connecting will be included in a weekly email message sent to all faculty and trainees in the Department of Medicine.


Date Theme Presenter Title Pearls and Recordings


No LEADS conference      
12/15/20 Quality and Systems-based Approaches in Medicine

Kyle Rehder, MD, CPPS
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Section Chief, Pediatric Intensive Care and PCCM Fellowship Director
Division of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Medical Director, Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality

Moderated by Govind Krishnan, MD, chief resident for quality and patient safety at the Durham VA Medical Center

Practical QI for the Busy Clinician  
12/8/20 Diagnostic Reasoning and Discussions

Case Presenters: Trent Wei, MDLonnie Sullivan, MD; Stacy Bagrova, MD

Expert Consultants: Lance Okeke, MD; Chet Patel, MD; John Carney, MD

26 year-old male with syncope and fevers  
12/1/20 Health Equities and Disparities in Medicine

Kenyon Railey, MD
Assistant Chief Diversity Officer in the School of Medicine Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Assistant Professor in Family Medicine and Community Health

Moderated by Julius Wilder, MD, PhD

Merry Go Round or Modify: Defeating Disparities through Disruption  
11/24/20 Topic-based Clinical Updates

John K. Roberts, MD, MS, MEd
Assistant Professor (Nephrology)

Moderated by Hannah Dzimitrowicz, MD, chief resident for Duke Regional Hospital and ambulatory medicine

Protein, Baking Soda, and Sugar: Ingredients for Better CKD Care in 2020 and Beyond

Review 11/24 Pearls

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Quality and Systems-based Approaches in Medicine

Richard Shannon, MD
Chief Quality Officer, Duke Health

Moderated by Govind Krishnan, MD, chief resident for quality and patient safety at the Durham VA Medical Center

Leaning into Harm: The Evolving Partnership Between the Duke Quality System and Clinical Departments

Review 11/17 Pearls

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11/10/20 Diagnostic Reasoning and Discussions

Discussion led by Matthew Labriola, MD, chief resident for Duke University Hospital 

Terri Tarrant, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine (Rheumatology and Immunology)

Rami Nayef Al-Rohil, MBBS
Assistant Professor of Pathology and Dermatology

Meenal Kheterpal, MD
Assistant Professor of Dermatology

Julia McQueen, MPH, RD, LDN, CNSC
Clinical Dietitian

57 year-old female with rash and liver injury

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11/3/20  No LEADS Conference - Election Day      
10/27/20 Topic-based Clinical Updates

Diana McNeill, MD, MACP
Professor of Medicine (Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Nutrition)
Director Duke AHEAD
Co-Director of PACT Program

Moderated by Anne Phelps, MD

Clinical Dilemmas in Endocrinology


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