Chief Residents

The Chief Resident position is the single largest investment in leadership made by the Department of Medicine, and the chiefs serve as key leaders for the program. Chiefs are selected for their exceptional clinical and leadership skills.

The chiefs work as a team to provide leadership and support of the key missions of the residency program and function as key mentors and advocates for the residents. While each chief has separate responsibilities at their primary site (Duke, Durham VA Medical Center, Duke Regional Hospital, and VA Quality/Safety), the camaraderie among the chiefs sets a positive tone for the program and allows us to accomplish the many goals we set for the year.

Notably, many former chief residents remain on faculty at Duke, serving in leadership positions throughout the health system.

In recent years, the chief residents have been responsible for organizing the Stead Societies, reorganizing the noon conference series, instituting leadership training for JARs at the VA and evaluating patient flow on the general medicine services. In addition, the chiefs galvanize the competition for our annual Turkey Bowl, lead recruitment of new interns and have a tradition of providing entertainment at the annual Department of Medicine Holiday Party.

Chief residents are chosen during the SAR (PGY-3) year, and serve as chief residents with a faculty appointment during their PGY-5 year. Typically Chief Residents complete a fellowship or hospital medicine faculty year during the PGY-4 year, and return to their fellowship or hospital medicine position after completion of the chief year.

Current Chief Residents

The 2019-20 chief residents, pictured above from left to right, are Caroline Sloan, MD; Jared Lowe, MD; Lara Hayes, MD; Amanda Boyd, MD.


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  • Jared Lowe, MD is chief resident for Duke University Hospital. 
  • Amanda Boyd, MD is chief resident for the Durham VA Medical Center. 
  • Caroline Sloan, MD, is chief resident for Duke Regional Hospital and ambulatory medicine in the various Duke Medicine outpatient clinics. 
  • Lara Hayes, MD is chief resident for quality and patient safety at the Durham VA Medical Center.

Future chiefs

The 2020-2021 chief residents will be Matthew Labriola, MD; Stephanie Garbarino, MD; Hannah Dzimitrowicz, MD; and Govind Krishnan, MD.