Faculty & Program Leadership

Program Leadership & Administration

Med-Peds Program Director
Med-Peds Associate Program Director
Med-Peds Associate Program Director
Med-Peds Program Coordinator

Core Faculty


Carolyn Sears Avery, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics


Aimee Byonghee Chung, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics


Edward Anthony Evans, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics


Daniel Allen Ostrovsky, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics


Jacqueline Stewart, MD
Assistant Professor in Pediatrics


Jane Vy Trinh, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine

Pediatrics Chief Residents

Chief Resident, Pediatrics
Chief Resident, Pediatrics

Medicine Chief Residents

Chief Resident, Ambulatory and Duke Regional Hospital
Chief Resident, Duke University Hospital
Chief Resident, Durham VA Medical Center
Chief Resident, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

“Faculty care about high quality patient care, modeling best practices in medicine, and supporting house staff learning.” Joe Goddu, MD, PGY-2

In addition to our core faculty, there are more than 50 faculty and fellows trained in med-peds who work in a variety of clinical capacities such as primary care, hospital medicine, adult and congenital cardiology, adult infectious disease, allergy and immunology, palliative care, rheumatology, pediatric intensive care, pediatric emergency medicine, gastroenterology, neonatology, endocrinology, hematology and oncology.