Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are matched each year? How does the Match work?
The Duke Medicine-Pediatrics Residency matches six interns per year, and will have up to a total of 24 residents over the four years of training. We use the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

How is the training organized?
Medicine-Pediatrics residents rotate with categorical internal medicine residents and categorical pediatric residents at Duke Hospital and the Duke Children’s Hospital and Health Center. There are also rotation opportunities at the Durham VA Hospital, Duke Regional Hospital (and Wake Med (community hospitals). The Medicine-Pediatrics residents rotate between internal medicine and pediatrics every three months. 

Where do the residents have continuity practice?
Medicine-Pediatrics residents have a combined continuity clinic throughout the four years of training. It is located about five miles from the main hospital. All of our Medicine-Pediatrics residents have clinic at the same site and are precepted by combined trained Medicine-Pediatrics primary care faculty.

What is the patient mix at Duke?
The patient mix at Duke spans all socioeconomic levels and cultural groups.

Is there an opportunity for a Med-Peds resident to be Chief Residents?
Medicine-Pediatric residents can be selected to serve as Chief Residents with either the Medicine or Pediatric Departments after completion of their fourth year. Many of our residents have been selected to serve in these junior faculty positions.

What additional educational opportunities are available?
Medicine-Pediatric residents can seek opportunities to participate in the International Health rotation, Comprehensive Introduction to Research Course elective, Ultrasound Course, Learning Health Systems Training Program, and a GME Medical Education Leadership Track. Residents also complete a combined Med-Peds Ambulatory elective, a community pediatrics elective, an adult community elective, dedicated procedure electives, and an integrated Evidence-Based Practice curriculum. 

Are there Medicine-Pediatrics trained faculty?
There are seven Medicine-Pediatrics trained faculty that participate in resident education in our Medicine-Pediatrics continuity clinic, acute care clinic and pediatrics general ward teams. There are also combined Medicine-Pediatrics trained fellows and faculty (>60) who contribute to the education of our trainees in other general areas including hospital medicine as well as subspecialty areas in both disciplines.

What are the best parts of your program?
The people, the opportunities at Duke and beyond, and the strength of the training in both departments!