Research Funding

To facilitate the implementation of resident research projects, funding support is also available for selected research projects.  Additionally, protected time in the form of research electives are granted to selected residents who have formulated a research project and plan with their mentor.

The Faculty Resident Research Grants consist of $2,000 awards per research proposal, part of which may be utilized for travel to scientific meetings to present research results. The request for applications (RFA) is announced in November and the grant applications are due by April of each academic year. Funding is available as of July 1 of the next academic year after a grant review process and selection of the proposals for funding by a faculty committee.

Stead Resident Research Grant applications also consist of $2,000 awards per research proposal. Applications open in the summer of each academic year, allowing a second opportunity for residents to apply for funding. Stead Resident Research grant applications are due in September of each academic year and are funded by the Stead Scholarship Committee.

The Residency Program provides travel funding for residents to attend and present their research abstracts and papers as posters or oral presentations at state, regional and national medical society or scientific meetings..

For more information about research funding opportunities, please contact Dr. Nia S. Mitchell,

Faculty-Resident Research Grant Recipients

Recipient Mentor Project Title

William Deardorff PGY-2

Heather Whitson

Role of Sensory and Cognitive Impairments in Medicare Utilization and Costs

Jordan Gales PGY-2

Richard Krasuski

Emergency Department Assessment of Acute Chest Pain Among Adult Congenital Heart Disease Patients

Kyle Geurink PGY-2

Michel Khouri

Atrial Myopathy and Arrhythmias in Cardiac Amyloidosis

Tara Holder PGY-3

William Jones

Characteristics, Treatment, and Hospital Utilization of Patients Admitted With Pulmonary Embolism

Syed Hussaini PGY-2

David Casarett

EMR-based Marker for Predicting Financial Toxicity in a Cohort of Patients at a Large Academic Center

Alexander Sullivan PGY-2

William Jones

Management of Massive and Submassive Pulmonary Embolism: A Prospective Registry Within the Duke University Hospital System

Lena Vaynberg PGY-1

Matthew Sparks

Kidney Stone:  Promoting Medical Student Engagement in Nephrology Through the use of Social Media

Nancy Yang PGY-2

Cynthia Moylan

Predictors of NAFLD Development and Progression in Veterans After Successful Treatment of Chronic HCV

Nancy Yang PGY-2

David Leiman

Esophageal and Gastric Motility Effects on Patient Outcomes After Lung Transplantation

Helen Zhang PGY-3

Susanna Naggie

Persistent Liver Enzyme Elevation After HCV Virologic Cure in HIV/HCV Co-infection

Recipient  Mentor Project Title

Corey Bradley PGY-2 

Ann Marie Navar

The feasibility of unobserved automatic Blood Pressure Measurement in the Primary Care Setting

Todd Brophy PGY-2

Adam D. DeVore

Ischemia Evaluation in Patients Hospitalized with Incident Heart Failure

Godfrey Chery PGY-1

Al-Khatib, Sana

The use of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (c-MRI) to predict outcomes in different cardiac disease states

Madhulika Eluri PGY-1

Nelson Chao and Anthony Sung

Serum biomarkers for predicting GVHD in hematopoietic transplant patients

Akash Goyal PGY-1 Iglor Klem

Detection of Coronary Artery Disease Using Cardiac MRI in an Obese Population

Michael Grant PGY-2

Mitchell Horwitz

Kidney disease in Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients Treated with Foscarnet for HHV-6 reactivation

Jesse Gu PGY-1

Anthony Galanos

Goals of Care Discussions and Patient Outcomes in the MICU and SICU

Nicole Jawitz PGY-2

Ziad Gellad and David Leiman

Predictors of Polyp Detection during Screening Colonoscopy

Matthew Labriola PGY-2

Tian Zhang 

PGDx Assay Correlation with Clinical response to checkpoint inhibitors

Rebecca Lumsden PGY-2

Neha Pagidipati

Management of Postpartum Women at Duke at High Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Shannon Niedermeyer PGY-2 

Joel Boggan

Bariatric Metric Improvement: Improving Inpatient Care of Morbidly Obese Patients at Duke University

Christopher Pumill PGY-2

Robert Mentz

Cigarette Smoking in Patients with Heart Failure: A 20-year Experience at DUMC

Jessica Regan PGY-1

Robert Mentz

Interaction of Age and Comorbidities on Outcomes in Patients with Heart Failure from HF-ACTION

Lindsey Shantzer PGY-2

Jeffrey Clarke

Efficacy of Combined Radiation and Immunotherapy in Advanced Lung Cancer

Lauren Sharan PGY-2

Richard Krasuski

Impact of Right to Left Shunting on Future Clinical Outcomes

Nicholas Shelburne PGY-2

Sudarshan Rajagopal

Identification of Metabolomic Markers of Disease Severity in Pulmonary Hypertension

Claire Smith PGY-2

Michael J. Kelley

Trends in End of Life Care for Veterans with Advanced Cancer

Toi Spates  PGY-2

Richard Krasuski

Factors Affecting Outcomes in Patients with Congenital Heart Diseases in the State of North Carolina

Alexander Sullivan PGY-1

Sunil V. Rao

Is Dual Therapy Ready For Prime Time?: A Meta-analysis of Dual Therapy with Clopidogrel vs Triple Therapy

Matthew Tucker PGY-2

Andrew J. Armstrong

Evaluating Mismatch Repair Deficiency and Response to Pembrolizumab in Men with mCRPC

Nicholas Turner PGY-2

Laurie Snyder

Use of a Novel Cumulative Deficits Frailty Instrument in Lung Transplant Candidates

Recipient  Mentor Project Title

Anubha Agarwal PGY-3

Nathan Thielman

Heart failure quality improvement in Kerala, India

Ankeet Bhatt PGY-2

Robert Mentz

International variation in the management and clinical outcomes of patients with diabetes and heart failure: Insights from TECOS

Alexander Blood PGY-2

Christopher Granger

STEMI Xpress: Transmission of ECGs from the field via a smartphone application

Robert Diep PGY-2

Ara Metijan

The discrepancy between actual and ideal weight on platelet normalization in TTP

Rachel Feder PGY-2 

Katherine Garman

H. pylori-associated peptic ulcer disease: who gets guideline-concordant therapy?

Kelly Ground PGY-2

Joel Boggan and Alicia Clark

Addressing goals of care and advance directives in resident continuity clinics

Ashley Hanlon PGY-3

Gretchen Kimmick

Androgen deprivation therapy and its association with cardiovascular mortality: When do risks outweigh benefits?

Emily Kinsey PGY-2

Jeffrey Crawford

The effect of sarcopenia on dose-limiting toxicity of chemotherapy

Rebecca Lumsden PGY-1

Gerald Bloomfield

Evaluating the burden of cardiac disease in pregnancy at a national referral hospital in western Kenya

Anne Reihman PGY-2

Phillip Choi

Patient and caregiver decision-making around end of life for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Caroline Sloan PGY-2

Virginia Wang

Impact of bundled payment on dialysis facility practice patterns in the United States

Ashley Spann PGY-2

Julius Wilder

Assessment of the prognostic utility of ammonia testing on admission at Duke University hospital

Meghan Steiner PGY-2

Stephanie Gaillard

Estrogen receptor profiling in low-grade ovarian and endometrial cancers

David Sterken PGY-2

Juliessa Pavon

Earplugs’ and eye masks’ effect on general medicine inpatients’ delirium incidence

Julia Xu PGY-3

Marilyn Telen

Thalassemia screening in Myanmar and Lao migrants in Thailand

George Sipa Yankey PGY-2

Kevin Thomas

Effect of racial differences in symptoms on rates of AVR

Recipient  Mentor Project Title
Brian Andonian PGY-2 Kim Huffman

Skeletal muscle leukocytes in rheumatoid arthritis

Taylor Bazemore PGY-2

Kristin Newby

Prognostic importance of postoperative increases in CKMB in ACS patients undergoing CABG

Ankeet Bhatt PGY-1

Zubin Eapen

Emergency department characteristics and readmissions – insights from hospital compare

Luke Cerbin PGY-1

Robert Mentz

Time of presentation in patients hospitalized for heart failure – an analysis of ASCEND-HF

Lauren Collins PGY-2 

Susanna Naggie

The evolving landscape of HIV-HCV care in the era of direct-acting antivirals

Michael Dorry PGY-2

Laurie Snyder

Post transplant pulmonary embolism is associated with allograft dysfunction and worse survival

Ariane Fraiche PGY-2

Zubin Eapen

Improving the initiation of guideline-directed heart failure therapy

Peter Hu PGY-2

Schuyler Jones

Staged versus complete revascularization in patients with multivessel coronary artery disease

Azalea Kim PGY-2

Zubin Eapen

Hospital utilization metrics and readmissions – insights from hospital compare and annual AHA survey

Emily Kinsey PGY-1

Jeffrey Crawford

Identifying predictive factors for the prevention and treatment of cachexia

David Kopin PGY-2

Schuyler Jones

The use of antiplatelet therapy and patient outcomes in those undergoing PCI in the ARISTOTLE trial

Yu-Lin Amy Lee PGY-3

Gary Maslow

Effects of adverse childhood experiences on quality of life in adolescents

Samuel Lindner PGY-2

Alicia Clark

An informational intervention to reduce unnecessary lab ordering

Jared Lowe PGY-1

Tom LeBlanc

Symptoms and health care utilization at the end of life among adults with acute myeloid leukemia

Juan Magana PGY-1 Laura Svetkey

Characteristics of mentors and mentoring relationships for URM pre-medical students

Ryan Orgel PGY-2

Schuyler Jones

Systemic embolization in patients with atrial fibrillation: results from ROCKET AF

Hari Ramalingam PGY-1

Jeffrey Crawford, Michaela Dinan

The effect of location, community versus academic, on survival in Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer

Jenny Van Kirk PGY-2

Ravi Karra

Factors predictive of ventricular recovery in patients with heart failure

Zach Wegermann PGY-2

Sreek Vemulapalli

3D printed models to predict outcomes in structural heart disease




Project Title

R. Argawal  PGY-2

Joe Brice Weinberg

Lymphocyte to Monocyte Ratio: an independent Prognostic Factor for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

M. Atkins PGY-2

Alicia Clark

Quality Improvement in IM Resident Clinics: Increasing Compliance with USPSTF Recommendations

T. Bazemore PGY-1

Sunil Rao

Comparison of radiation exposure associated with radial and femoral PCI

E. Black-Maier  PGY-1

Jonathan P. Piccini

Therapeutic profile and mechanisms of ranolazine for the prevention of atrial fibrillation

A. Bock PGY-2 

Chaten Patel

The Impact of Induction Therapy on Acute Cellular Rejection after Orthotopic Heart Transplantation: A Retrospective Analysis of the UNOS Database

A. Bostwick PGY-3

Arif Kamal

Understanding the Unmet Needs of Patients with Terminal Illness

J. Buggey PGY-2

Eric J. Valasquez

Assessing Mortality Using LV Global Longitudinal Strain in Acute HFpEF Patients 

D. Clifton PGY-3

Jason Stout

HIV testing among patients admitted with pneumonia

L. Collins PGY-1

Jason Stout

Long-term Outcomes of Patients with AIDS and Disseminated Mycobacterium Avium Complex

A. Eisenberg PGY-2

Matthew Crowley

How Do Group Medical Clinics for Patients with Diabetes Affect BMI?

A. Erdmann PGY-2

Katherine Garman

Survey Evaluation of GI Ergonomics

J. Feigal PGY-3

Wei Jang

Associations Between General Well-Being and Both Exercise Stress and Mental Stress Induced Ischemia

Y. Foster PGY-2

Mitchell Horowitz

Kidney disease in allogeneic stem cell transplant recipients treated with foscarnet for HHV-6 reactivation

K. Glisinski  PGY-2

Scott L. Shofer

Does severity of airway exudate after lung transplantation predict development central airway stenosis?

S. Goldstein  PGY-2

Cary Ward

Association Between global Longitudinal Strain in Pregnancy and Adverse Clinical Outcomes

J. Hansen PGY-2

Tracy Wang

Asessing trends of dual antiplatelet therapy use beyond 12 months in patients after acute myocardial infarction: Analysis of the TRANSLATE-ACS registry 

P. Hu PGY-1

Schuyler Jones

Impact of vascular disease on risk of stroke/ systemic embolism in ARISTOTLE 

R. Hu PGY-1 Arati Rao

Assessing outcomes in adult Ph+ ALL: Stem cell vs. TKI-based post-remission therapy 

A. Jones PGY-2

S. Yousuf Zafar

Symptom burden and treatment preference over time in patients with metastatic colon cancer

L. Krishnan PGY-1

Ross McKinney

Master Clinician as Narrator: Analysis & the Art of Diagnosis in the Humanities, Medicine, and Medical Education

B. Matta PGY-2

Keyur Patel

Hepatitis Clearance and fibrosis: all that glitters is not gold.

G. Ngeno PGY-2

Eric Velazquez

Association between HIV viral load and Echocardiographic Characteristics of Right Ventricular Dysfunction

M. Nickolich PGY-2

Louis F. Diehl

Cancer Care Experience: Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Undergraduate Medical Education

D. Patel PGY-1

Sana M. Al-Khatib

The Role of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs) in Patients with Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD): a systematic review and meta-analysis

Y. Qin PGY-2

Katherine Garman

How well is H. pylori associated peptic ulcer disease treated at Duke?

E. Ray PGY-2

Richard F. Riedel

Healthcare utilization amongst cancer patients prior to hospice

D. Sermer PGY-1

Michael Harrison

Muscle loss as a result of treatment with abiraterone and enzalutamide for prostate cancer

B. Sullivan PGY-2

Dawn Provenzale

Risk Factors for Advanced Neoplasia in Patients with Ten or More Colon Adeno

J. Wyrembak PGY-2

Brett Atwater

Prevalence of LAA Thrombus in Af Patients on NOACs Prior to Catheter Ablation

C. Zhang PGY-2

Katherine Garman

A Pilot Study Evaluating Submucosal Gland Ductal Metaplasia in Barrett’s Esophagus

J. Zhu PGY 1

Michael Kelly

Does bevacizumab improve survival in patients with advanced NSCLC?

Recipient Mentor Project Title

A. Banks PGY-2

Christopher O’Connor  Exercise Training in Heart Failure Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus

A. Bhaskar PGY-2

Ziad Gellad  Does Bolus Sedation for Colonoscopy Shorten the Time to Patient Recovery?

K. Broderick-Forsgren PGY-2

Zainab Samad  Diagnostic Characteristics of a Combination of Echocardiographic Variables for Predicting Pulmonary Hypertension 

E. Fountain PGY-1

Gowthami Arepally  Incidence of Prognosis of Thrombocytopenia in Hospitalized Patients 

E. Gilbert PGY-1

Steven Szabo  Effects of Tobacco Smoke in Schizophrenia and Inflammation: Serum Cytokines as Biomarkers of CNS Dysfunction 

S. Goldstein PGY-1

Kristin Newby  Clinical Outcomes of Cardiogenic Shock Syndrome after Therapeutic Hypothermia 

LW. Huang PGY-1

Sascha Tuchman  Safety and Efficacy of Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation in Elderly Myeloma Patients 

K. Kirtane PGY-2

Jessica McFarlin  The Impact of Palliative Care Consultation on Hospital Cost in a Neurologic ICU 

C. Lehr PGY-2


Scott Shofer Pleural Effusions Underlying Rejection after Lung Transplantation 

B. Lloyd PGY-2

Katherine Garman  Survival after Esophagectomy in Atypical and High Risk EAC Patients 

A. Lowenstern PGY-2

Richard Becker  Platelet Response to Drug Inhibition 

L. Musselwhite PGY-2

S. Yousuf Zafar  Brand Name Hormonal Drug Use Among Medicare and Veteran Affairs Patients with Breast Cancer 

A. Newhouse PGY-2

Wei Jiang  Association Between Acute Rejection and Depression in Heart Transplant Recipients 

R. Palsson PGY-2

Uptal Patel Comparative Effectiveness of Ticagrelor versus Clopidogrel in ACS and CKD 

B. Peterson PGY-1


Albert Sun Prolongation in Patients with Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction 

V. Reddy PGY-2

Diana McNeill Standardizing the Hidden Curriculum: Improving Resident Teaching at the VA 

M. Samsky PGY-1


Chetan Patel Outcomes in Advanced Heart Failure Patients Supported by IABP 

A. Swaminathan PGY-2

Schuyler Jones  Endovascular Recanalization of SFA CTO: Wire versus CTO Recanalization 

K. Trulock PGY-2

Jonathan Piccini  Does Heart Failure Etiology Affect Outcomes in Patients after Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation? 

S. Vakamudi PGY-1

Chetan Patel  Predictors of Hospitalization Following Heart Transplant 

J. Wagener PGY-2


Sunil Rao Is the Lower Revascularization Rate after CABG Due to Lack of Adequate Target Vessels? 

M. Woodworth PGY-2


Jason Stout Retrospective Case Series of Nocardia Infections 

C. Zhang PGY-1

Luke Chen Contamination of Food Trays and Food Carts by Nosocomial Pathogens 
Recipient Mentor Project Title

R. Aertker PGY-2

Chet Patel Hemoconcentration During Treatment of Heart Failure and Rehospitalization Risk

L. Anderson PGY-2

Tracy Wang Direct Transfer to the Cath Lab: Minimizing Reperfusion Delays for Patients Transferred to STEMI Receiving Centers

M. Aras PGY-2

Svati Shah Evaluation of Common Genetic Variation as Effect Modifiers in Human Heart Failure

F. Babatunde PGY-1

Brett Atwater Predictors of Response to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

A. Bedoya PGY-2

Laurie Snyder Outcomes in Lung Transplant Recipients with Non-Tuberculosis Mycobacterium 

N. Beri PGY-1

Mark Lanasa Vitamin D as A Prognostic Factor in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

K. Broderick-Forsgren PGY-1

Jon Bae Assessing and Improving Hospitalized Patients Awareness of Their Inpatient Providers

M. Clements PGY-2

Charles Hicks Lipid Control in HIV-Infected Patients Compared to Non-Infected Patients After Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease

M. Dhawan PGY-2

Andrew Armstrong Clinical Outcomes of Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Treated with Abiraterone

H. Elmariah PGY-2

Marilyn Telen Identification of Genes Associated with Decreased Survival in Sickle Cell Disease

H. Elmariah PGY-2

Jon Bae Factors Associated with Burnout in Duke Internal Medicine Residents

A. Fanaroff PGY-2

Sunil Rao The EARLY ACS Risk Score for Unstable Angina/Non-ST Elevation MI

J. Gentry PGY-2

Andrew Wang Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Is Myocardial Blood Flow Related to the Quality of Life

H. Lee PGY-2

Susanna Naggie The Response to Interferon for Chronic HBV Among African American and Caucasian Patients

P. Lehman PGY-3

Bimal Shah Does Early Telephone Follow-Up Reduce Readmission Rates for AMI and CHF Hospitalizations?

B. Miller PGY-2

Aimee Zaas Utilizing Blood Gene Transcription Signatures to Diagnose Aspergillosis

A. Mitchell PGY-2

Amy Abernethy Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma: Are Clinical Trial Findings Relevant to Clinical Practice?

R. Nipp (PGY-3)

S. Yousuf Zafar Best Supportive Care (BSC) in Clinical Trials: Inconsistent Control Arm Design

M. Papademetriou PGY-2

Deborah Fisher Nasogastric Lavage and Time to Endoscopy in Upper GI Bleeds Presenting to the Emergency Department

A. Pishko PGY-1

Gowthami Arepally Analysis of the Temporal Course of Laboratory Recovery in Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

T. Posenau PGY-2

Sunil Rao Age-Stratified Outcomes for DES vs CABG in Patients with Multivessel CAD

L. Prats PGY-2

Blake Boggess Economic Analysis of Image-Guided Intra-Articular Hip Injections

J. Rymer PGY-2

Kristin Newby The Impact of Early Versus Standard Post-Discharge Follow-Up on Readmission Rates

W. Shatila PGY-2

Bimal Shah Echocardiograms: Part of the Standard of Care for Heart Failure Admissions?

K. Tash PGY-2

Jason Stout Crime Rates, Community HIV Viral Load, and STI Incidence in Durham County, NC

C. Ursem PGY-2

Arati Rao Mortality of Reinduction Chemotherapy in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Recipient Mentor Project Title

Lindsey Anderson

Tracy Wang Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Elderly Patients with Syncope and Coronary Artery Disease

Joel Boggan

Deverick Anderson Automated Surveillance of Infectious Complications Following Electrophysiology Procedures

Elizabeth Campbell

Susan Spratt Quality Improvement: Reducing Hypoglycemia in the Outpatient Clinical Setting

C. Callie Coombs

Mark Lanasa * The Role of Cytoplasmic Polyadenylation Element Binding Protein 1 in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Wei (Denise) Duan-Porter

Brice Weinberg Autoimmune Disorders and Antigenic Targets in CLL Patients at DUMC/DVAMC

Hany Elmariah

Marilyn Telen Identifying Clinical and Genetic Indicators of Survival in Sickle Cell Disease

Adam Garber

Christopher O’Connor Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients with Left Ventricular Thrombus Following ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Findings from the Duke Databank of Cardiovascular Disease and the Duke Echocardiography Databank

Blair Irwin

Amy Abernethy  * Evidence Regarding Off-Label Indications for Targeted Therapies Used in Cancer Treatment

Kathleen Kiernan

Daphne Friedman / Brice Weinberg Does Absolute Monocyte Count Predict Survival in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia?

Sahar Koubar

Stephen R. Smith Leflunomide in PKVAN at DUMC: Observations, Outcomes, and Clinical Implications

Andy (John) Livingston

Arati Rao Assessing age-specific disease biology in adolescents and young adults with AML

Aaron Mitchell

Amy Abernethy Understanding Accrual Complexity in Oncology Clinical Trials

Ann-Marie Navar-Boggan

Eric Peterson Feedback to Improve Hypertension Management: Impact on Patient Control and Provider Practice

Ryan Nipp

Amy Abernethy  CT Scan Imaging to Correlate Body Composition and Sarcopenia

Dale Okorodudu

Hayden Bosworth The Role of Active Coping on Disease Control in Black Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Priyesh Patel

Adrian Hernandez Predictors of Direct Thrombin Inhibitor Use in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

Sundar Ramalingham

Sandeep Dave Overcoming Resistance to EGFR Inhibitors Through Inhibition of the MTOR Pathway

Wassim Shatila

Bimal Shah Validation of Genes Associated with Smoking Cessation in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

Andrea Shaw


Luke Chen Judicious Use of Ceftriaxone Among Pediatric Patients Assessed in the Pediatric Emergency Department of Duke University Hospital, NC, 2010

John Stanifer

Uptal Patel * The Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease and Proteinuria in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania

Joshua Thaden

Vance Fowler Genetic Determinants of Staphylococcus Aureus Infective Endocarditis

Carling Ursem

Gretchen Kimmick Differences in Presentation and Treatment of Elderly Breast Cancer Patients Based on Socioeconomic Status

Dale Okorodudu, Tiffany Randolph, and Omobonike Oloruntoba

  Diverse Medicine Vitual Mentoring Project
Recipient Mentor Project Title

K. Dicks

Luke Chen Automated Surveillance of Bloodstream Infections After Cardiac Catheterization

K. Hornsby

Tracy Wang Characteristics and Clinical Outcomes Among Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

M. Naveed

Daniel Wild Characterization of Safety and Efficacy of Retrograde Spiral Enteroscopy at DUMC

V. Patel

Lori Bastian Do Multiparity and Breastfeeding Affect the Severity of Hepatic Steatosis?

S. Sumner

Nathan Thielman Effect of War on Physician Emigration from Developing Countries

A.M. Navar-Boggan

Eric Peterson * Evaluating Outpatient Hypertension Control Among Patients of Duke Cardiology

S. Katrak

Susanna Naggie Hospital Utilization in HIV/HCV Co-Infection

J. Chiarchiaro

James Tulsky ICU Impact on Health Trajectories of Patients with Advanced Chronic Illness

M. Chenier

Tracy Wang Long Term Outcomes Associated with Hospital Acquired Thrombocytopenia in ACS

S. Martin

Tracy Wang * Modifiable Factors Associated with Lipid Goal Attainment After Acute Myocardial Infarction

J. Roberts

Uptal Patel Outcomes in patients with chronic kidney disease after treatment for clinically significant CAD

S. Pendharkar

Deverick Anderson Positive Blood Culture for Enterococcus: What is the Significance?

R. Gupta

Manesh Patel Predicting Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease in Elective Coronary Angiograms

T. Zhang

Jeffrey Peppercorn Prevalence and Impact of Correlative Science in Breast Cancer Phase II Trials

C. Kaiser

Charles Hicks Prevention and Recognition of Coronary Artery Disease in an HIV Clinic Population

P. Park

Jason Stout Public Health Cost of Unnecessary Tuberculosis Treatment

C.C. Coombs

Mark Lanasa * Race as a Determinant of Disease Biology and Outcomes in CLL

A. Owen

James Jollis RACE CARS in the Classroom

S. Hodavance

Howard Rockman The Role of Beta-Adrenegic Receptor and CaMKII Activation in Heart Failure

K. Patel

Jeffrey Peppercorn Targeted Therapies in Metastatic Breast Cancer: The Phase II Experience

M. Durheim

Charles Hargett Utility of Serum NT-pBNP in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Secondary Pulmonary Hypertension