Career Development

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Our program offers a broad array of academic experiences and mentorship to help trainees identify and develop their career interests.

Examples of academic activities include:

  • Exposure to basic research: immunology, organ preservation
  • Clinical research: clinical trials, translational activities
  • Database/Epidemiological investigation
  • Quality improvement projects
  • Education
  • Program improvement: development of clinical protocols and pathways
  • Health policy/activism

Many of our nephrology fellowship graduates have chosen careers in transplant nephrology, and currently practice at academic centers around the country.


Track record of nephrology fellow alumni in transplant:

Graduate Year Current Location
Andrew Malone, MBBCh 2014 Washington University in St. Louis
Scott Westphal, MD 2015 University of Nebraska
John Roberts, MD, MEd, MS 2015 Duke University
Shalini Bumb, MD 2016 University of Cincinnati
Supreet Sethi, MD 2016 Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles
Carol Traynor, MBBCh 2017 Duke University
Jessica Morris, MD 2018 Duke University

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