Pearls from 6/07/2022 LEADS

The June 7, 2022, session of Duke Medicine LEADS featured  Andrew Andreae, MD, Karina Mora Massad, MD, and Mary-Jo Obeid, MD, MPH and Joseph Allen Govert, MD presenting on "To Breathe or Not to Breathe." 


  • Classifying a pleural effusion as transudative or exudative is key to narrowing the differential diagnosis for a pleural effusion. Transudates occur in protein poor states and Exudates occur in protein rich states.
  • Sarcomatoid Carcinoma: is a rare and rapidly progressive cause of lung cancer, representing <1% of all malignancies with a median survival time of about 10 months.
  • There are 5 types of Sarcomatoid Carcinoma- Pleomorphic Carcinoma, Spindle Cell Carcinoma, Giant Cell Carcinoma, Carcinosarcoma, Pulmonary Blastoma-all which have sarcomatous-like components.  

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