Athavi  Jeevananthan
House Staff

Start Year: 2022

Fellowship Track: Research

Graduation Year: 2025

Originally from: Sri Lanka —> Madison, WI

Education and Training:

  • Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin
  • Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine 
  • Residency: Rush University in Chicago, IL

Career and Research Goals:

  • I hope to learn about the intricacies of gender affirming care and working towards answering many of the unanswered questions within the field.
  • I aspire to dedicate my career towards reducing healthcare disparities within the field of endocrinology.

Reasons I chose Duke:

  • I had an immediate gut feeling that these were my people after my day of virtual interviews. It was clear that Dr. Crowley, the fellows, and the faculty I met have an immense passion for their field, but beyond that they were also kind, humble, and so welcoming! I found it easy to envision myself learning and flourishing amidst this group. 
  • Coming to Duke was my first venture out of the Midwest, and Durham was a perfect way to escape the snow and flatness! There is a wide variety of activities to choose from in the Triangle area and we have close access to both the mountains and beach!
  • The wide catchment area of Duke and the Durham VA guarantee a highly diverse patient population, which was something I was specifically looking for in my fellowship training.
House Staff