Ting Yang, MD, PhD

Medical Instructor in the Department of Medicine
Campus mail 2 Genome Ct, Room 2016-2, Durham, NC 27710
Phone (919) 684-9959
Email address ting.yang2@duke.edu

Education and Training

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Nephrology, Duke University School of Medicine, 2015 - 2018
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Karolinska Institutet (Sweden), 2012 - 2015
  • Assistant Specialist, University of California - San Francisco, 2010 - 2011
  • Honorary Research Associate, Imperial College London (Uk), 2009 - 2012
  • Resident, Peking University First Hospital, Peking University (China), 2005 - 2010
  • Ph.D., Peking University (China), 2010
  • M.S., Peking University (China), 2007
  • M.D., Peking University (China), 2005


Yang, T, Zhuang, L, Rei Fidalgo, AM, Petrides, E, Terrando, N, Wu, X, Sanders, RD, Robertson, NJ, Johnson, MR, Maze, M, and Ma, D. "Xenon and sevoflurane provide analgesia during labor and fetal brain protection in a perinatal rat model of hypoxia-ischemia." Plos One 7, no. 5 (January 2012): e37020-null.

Full Text

Terrando, N, Eriksson, LI, Ryu, JK, Yang, T, Monaco, C, Feldmann, M, Jonsson Fagerlund, M, Charo, IF, Akassoglou, K, and Maze, M. "Resolving postoperative neuroinflammation and cognitive decline." Annals of Neurology 70, no. 6 (December 2011): 986-995.

Full Text

Yang, T, Zhuang, L, Terrando, N, Wu, X, Jonhson, MR, Maze, M, and Ma, D. "A clinically relevant model of perinatal global ischemic brain damage in rats." Brain Research 1383 (April 2011): 317-323.

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