Lucy  Esteve
House Staff

Start Year: 2021


Paris, France

Where did you attend college/university?
Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Where did you attend medical school?
Warwick Medical School, United Kingdom

Where did you train for residency?
UT health San Antonio, Texas

What other degrees do you hold and from what institutions?
Masters of Science in Immunology from Imperial College London, United Kingdom

What are your career goals?
Academic Endocrinologist

About the Duke Endocrinology Fellowship:

What were you looking for in a fellowship program?

  • Mixture of both inpatient and outpatient endocrinology pathology
  • Great teaching and friendly/approachable staff
  • Opportunity to work at both a University Hospital and VA hospital
  • Research opportunities in telehealth and diabetes care

What are the strengths of the Duke Program?

  • The DMS inpatient service provides exposure to very rare and diverse endocrine pathology.
  • I get to work in both institutions (VA and Duke) .
  • Expert knowledge at all levels, be it attendings, nurse practitioners or ancillary staff.

What has surprised you most about Duke?

  • How friendly and approachable staff has been!

About Life in Durham:

What is the best thing about living in Durham and the Triangle?

  • Affordable living
  • Great outdoor activities and museums
  • Easy commute

What are your interests outside of medicine?

  • Cooking, going to the museum with my toddler and husband, walking the Tobacco Trail, watching soccer (World Cup and euro cup) and swimming!
House Staff