De souza
Tamara  De souza
House Staff

Start Year: 2022

Fellowship Track: Research

Graduation Year: 2025

Originally from: Trinidad and Tobago

Education and Training:

  • Undergraduate: Howard University
  • Medical School: The University of the West Indies
  • Residency: University of Miami/ Jackson Memorial Hospital

Career and Research Goals:

  • I consider myself a passionate medical educator and burgeoning physician-scientist. I aspire to effect meaningful reduction in health disparities in the detection and treatment of non-diabetes endocrinopathies for marginalized groups of persons worldwide.
  • To me, this begins with rigorous examination and systematic description of cultural, economic and structural (geographic, health delivery systems) barriers to timely care for high prevalence/low acuity conditions, such as thyroid neoplasms and osteoporosis, which have the potential for gross personal, social, and economic loss when left untreated.

Reasons I chose Duke:

  • No personal goal I espoused during my interview was regarded as farfetched. If there was a program motto, I’d imagine it should be “Dream big, do bigger, and we will give you the tools to get it done!”
  • The university-wide practice of nurturing diversity and inclusion is longstanding enough to be ingrained into the institutional way of being, yet intentional enough that there is constant conscious reflection and revision of standards.
  • The people! Despite my unusual backstory, I felt immediately heard and seen for who I am on my interview day. The humility and kindness of the incredibly accomplished faculty makes for an inimitably positive learning environment.

Happy surprises:

  • The most serene woodland view from my apartment and daily access to walks in nature.
  • The foodie culture in Durham is undefeated! Starting with the Brodhead center on campus it feels impossible to walk for more than 5 minutes without spotting unique eateries of every genre.
  • My co-fellows! I couldn’t have found better people with whom to embark on this journey if I had picked them myself.
House Staff