Program for Women in Internal Medicine

The Program for Women in Internal Medicine (PWIM) seeks to enhance the professional experience and advancement of women in medicine.

Notices of our events are distributed via email to all women faculty.


The overall goal of the PWIM is to build and maintain a supportive and equitable work environment that facilitates career advancement and satisfaction among women faculty and trainees.

Programs and Activities

Our programs and activities include regular women faculty meetings, a women's advisorship committee focusing on house staff issues, a liaison program for women faculty to serve as informal mentors within their divisions, faculty development programs, an annual Visiting Professorship highlighting the accomplishments of women scientists and leaders, and social events to promote information exchange and mentorship.

PWIM also supports the Department's Faculty Peer Mentoring Program, which consists of groups for junior faculty, clinical educators, clinical researchers, basic science researchers, administrators and mid-career researchers, offers monthly seminars for faculty on relevant topics, and gives faculty opportunities to get feedback and mentorship from peers.

Here are examples of past events and topics:

  • Promotion and Tenure Information for Instructors
  • Preparing a Promotion Package
  • Salary Determination and Equity
  • Flexible Work Hours Policy
  • Department of Medicine Book Club
  • Peer Mentoring



Daniella Zipkin, MD
Associate Vice Chair for Faculty Development and Diversity
Chair, Program for Women in Internal Medicine

Suchita Shah Sata, MD
PWIM Trainee Liaison

Contact Information

Office: Duke University Hospital, Room 1101
Campus mail: Box 3703   
Phone: 919-681-6386
Fax: 919-681-5400