What to Expect in the Hospital

Depending on your individual situation, a member of the POSH team may visit you while you are in the hospital. Even if you don’t receive a visit, you are encouraged to call the POSH team any time with questions.

Older adults can frequently become disoriented (delirious) when staying in the hospital. Here are some tips to avoid episodes of delirium:

  • Have a family member with you in the hospital at most times following surgery.
  • Wear your hearing aids and glasses so that you can hear, see, and understand what is going on around you.
  • Make sure your pain is well treated.
  • Keep up with your eating and drinking once your doctor says it’s OK to take food and drink by mouth.
  • Keep the lights on and the curtains open during the day, and keep the room darker at night.
  • If it’s OK with your doctors, spend some or all of the day out of bed.
  • As soon as you get the OK from your doctors, walk to get your strength back.
  • Listen to your favorite music—anything that makes you feel happy or relaxed.
  • Bring activities you enjoy to the hospital: playing cards, books, crossword puzzles, handiwork, or a computer, tablet, or smart phone.