Program Overview

The goal of our program is to train future leaders in academic pulmonary and critical care medicine.

We strive to have our fellows become experts in managing complex and critically ill patients in our intensive care units as well as in our pulmonary medicine floors and clinics. In addition our fellows participate in a minimum of 18 months of academic time to establish the skills needed to pursue a career in basic or clinically oriented research.

As part of this training we recognize there are many paths to a successful academic medical career.

In order to provide our fellows with the training that best suits their career goals, we have developed a flexible approach to academic training that allows our fellows to fine tune their research experience to meet their educational needs. Research may focus on basic, translational, or clinical sciences, but regardless of the area of work, the applicant should anticipate an intensive and rigorous training experience. 

Advanced Training

The Duke Lung Transplant Program also offers a one year fellowship in advanced lung disease and transplant. Learn more.