Department of Medicine Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure Committee

2024-2025 Members
(Term end date appears after name)
Barbara Alexander, MD (on leave)   Susan Hastings, MD (2027)
Andrew Alspaugh, MD (Vice Chair for Academic Affairs)   Mitchell Heflin, MD (2025)
Murat Arcasoy, MD (2024)   Michael Kelley, MD (2024)
Allison Ashley-Koch, PhD (2025)   Xunrong Luo, MD, PhD (2029)
Bryan Batch, MD, MHS (2029)   Nancy McGreal, MD (2027)
Keisha Bentley-Edwards, PhD (2029)   Deborah Muoio, PhD (2024)
Michael Berkoben, MD (2025)   Kristin Newby, MD (2024)
Gerald Bloomfield, MD (2027)   Bruce Peyser, MD (2028)
Saumil Chudgar, MD (2027)   David Pisetsky, MD, PhD (Chair)
Lawrence Crawford, MD (2026)   Scott Shofer, MD, PhD (2027)
Richard Drew, PharmD (2025)   Tom Stinchcombe, MD (2026)
David Edelman, MD (2024)   Jason Stout, MD (2025)
Camille Frazier-Mills, MD (2028)   Melissa Teitelman-Grotegut , MD (2028)
Joseph Govert, MD (2025)   Karen Welty-Wolf, MD (2026)
Jennifer Green, MD (2027)   J. Frank Wharam, MBBCh (2027)


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