Minimum Faculty Effort Requirement for a Regular Rank Faculty Appointment

A regular rank faculty appointment requires a minimum of 10% academic effort (approximately one-half day per week), which can be achieved by one or any combination of options below.

While providing direct patient care in a clinical setting, the faculty member personally has responsibility for the clinical supervision and/or education of a learner for at least 40 days/year, 1 day/week or 2 months/year (to achieve 10% if this is the only academic effort).

  1. A learner is defined as any Duke University MD, PA, NP, DPT, MBS students, residents, fellows, CRNAs or other Duke allied health students.
  2. A clinical setting can be an ambulatory clinic, operating room, hospital ward, intensive care unit, radiology room, pathology lab or any location where patient care is given.
  3. The faculty member must provide assessments for these learners in a timely fashion as determined by the clerkship or program director.

Examples: Having a student/resident/fellow attend your clinic, scrubbing in the OR, participating in reading images, present and observing complex diagnostic procedures, looking at path slides, participating in the care of inpatients etc. -  in essence, having a learner included as part of your daily clinical care activity.

Effort dedicated to the performance of classroom, lecture-style teaching, and small group leadership of Duke learners as defined above, including preparation time.

Effort dedicated to the performance of research that is expected to lead to publication with the faculty member as a co-author.

Effort dedicated to administration of a Duke University education or research program; examples include but not limited to screening and/or interviewing for the admissions committee, medical student advisor, GME directorship, IRB committee membership, protocol review committee participation.

Any combination of the above that equals or exceeds 10% of total professional effort meets the effort requirement.



  1. This requirement applies to all Medical School faculty appointments at any location both on and off campus.  It is the responsibility of each department chair to make this assessment each year prior to appointment renewal to ensure minimum requirements continue to be met.  This effort should result in University salary and benefits for faculty meeting this requirement.
  2. Regular rank faculty members with minimum academic effort are subject to audit by SOM.
  3. In the event there are currently regular rank faculty members who cannot satisfy the above requirements, minimum requirements must be met by the next academic year or a transition to non-regular rank status must occur.  Faculty members in this position and chairs are encouraged to discuss options to participate in qualifying activities.