1984 - Duke establishes the Adult Bone Marrow Transplant (ABMT) Program under the direction of William Peters, MD, PhD, to perform autologous transplants.

1992 - Duke creates the nation's first outpatient bone marrow transplantation program.

1996 - Nelson Chao, MD, recruited to Duke to direct the ABMT Program, which becomes the Division of Cellular Therapy, and to expand the Program's transplant services to include allogeneic transplants in addition to autologous.

1997 - The ABMT Program relocates its administrative support space, outpatient treatment clinic, and stem cell laboratory into the current ABMT Clinic at North Pavilion.

2012 - The new Duke Cancer Center building (including the Hematologic Malignancies Clinic) opens, providing integrated research and care in a patient-centered environment.

2013 - Division of Hematologic Malignancies & Cellular Therapy formed by merging the existing Division of Cellular Therapy and the Hematologic Maligancies faculty from the Division of Medical Oncology to provide opportunities for more seamless care of patients across the continuum, more appropriate transitions to transplant as clinical status warrants, more efficient and productive clinical research, and disease-specific integration with basic and translational research activities.