Basic Research

Basic research initiatives are important for the understanding and treatment of infectious diseases.

Researchers in the Duke Division of Infectious Diseases work to discover the mysteries surrounding infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, HIV, and other viral diseases.

There are many basic research tracks that students or other researchers can pursue alongside current investigators. The following table introduces the basic research initiatives and the investigators associated with each initiative.

Basic Research Initiatives

Bacterial pathogenesis

  • Vivian Chu, MD, MHS
  • Vance Fowler, MD, MHS
  • Christopher Woods, MD, MPH

Molecular mycology and fungal pathogenesis

  • Barbara Alexander, MD
  • Andrew Alspaugh, MD
  • Gary Cox, MD
  • Joseph Heitman, MD, PhD
  • John Perfect, MD
  • Wiley Schell, PhD
  • Aimee Zaas, MD

Mycobacterial genetics

  • Richard Frothingham, MD, FACP

RNA processing

  • Mariano Garcia-Blanco

Viral pathogenesis

  • Micah McClain, MD, PhD
  • Christopher Woods, MD, MPH

HIV pathogenesis and immunology

  • Mary Klotman, MD
  • Mehri McKellar, MD

Molecular pathogenesis of lung injury

  • Karen Welty-Wolf, MD

Clinical Microbiology

  • Barth L. Reller, MD
  • Barbara Alexander, MD
  • One Health