Institutes and Labs

The face of research is changing, requiring more specialized collaboration among multiple investigators, sites, and facilities.

Below is a list of institutes and labs where we conduct research.

Biomarkers Shared Resource
The Biomarkers Shared Resource assists investigators with the design and implementation of molecular and protein assays to evaluate biochemical and inflammatory markers. In addition this shared resource specializes in analyses of joint tissue metabolites. 

Duke Early Phase Clinical Research Unit
Duke Early Phase Clinical Research Unit, formerly the Duke Clinical Research Unit (DCRU), and its staff provide the specialized facilities, training, and staff support necessary for our clinical research studies. The DCRI is the primary site for a number of prominent multi-center trials.

Duke Translational Medicine Institute Immune Monitoring Laboratory
The DTRI Immune Monitoring Laboratory provides support for basic, translational, and clinical research and focuses on assessing changes to the human immune system in trials of vaccines, cellular therapy, cancer immunotherapy, and auto-immune disorders. The DAP Registry conducts its research in this laboratory.

Laboratory of Dermatoimmunology
This laboratory is devoted to research about the pathophysiology and molecular biology of blistering diseases, including the auto-immune blistering diseases bullous pemphigoid and pemphigus vulgaris.