Administrative Core

Specific Aims

The Administrative CoreĀ brings together a transdisciplinary team of investigators focusing on a coordinated and synergistic strategy to discover novel antifungals to treat severe, life-threatening invasive fungal infections. In order to coordinate these efforts, the Administrative Core manages fiscal and other resources, facilitates interactions and communication, ensures timely progress toward Program goals, and ensures adherence to NIH regulations regarding management of the grant.

The Administrative Core will accomplish its goals through the following Specific Aims:

  1. Manage fiscal and other resources so to coordinate financial administration of the Program between Project Leaders, Core Directors, and external collaborators.
  2. Foster and maintain communications among Program team members and with the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) to maximize scientific productivity.
  3. Ensure growth of the Program by exploration of new avenues of research and implementing changes based on feedback from Project Leaders, Core Directors, and the PAC.
  4. Communicate with the NIH and ensure regulatory compliance.

Through these Aims, the Administrative Core will provide key infrastructure and oversight to ensure that the Program is fully integrated, well-organized, and successful in accomplishing its overall goals.


John Perfect

John Perfect, MD
Principal Investigator

Christy Dixon
Administrative Manager