Basic Science Multidisciplinary Lab Meeting

Faculty Lead- Steve Crowley, MD

Below is the schedule for the joint lab meeting for basic science investigators in nephrology from  August to December 2019.  As we have discussed previously, the idea behind this meeting is to promote interactions, to get advice and help with your studies and experimental problems, and to provide a forum for the group to be aware of ongoing research within and outside of the division.  Each week, the assigned lab will make an informal presentation consisting of data in progress from ongoing research lasting 30-40 minutes, leaving adequate time for discussion and suggestions.  Meetings will be held on Mondays from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. in MSRBII, Conference Room 2018 unless noted otherwise.

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    • 26  Xiaohan Lu


    •   9  Jiafa Ren
    • 16  Yi Wen
    • 23  Sparks Lab
    • 30  Luo Lab


    •   7  Grabner Lab
    • 14  Souma Lab
    • 21  Spurney Lab
    • 28  Ting Yang 


    •   4  Foster Lab
    • 11  Jamie Privratsky 
    • 18  Dinushika Mohottige
    • 25  ​Musah Lab (Morgan Burt / Xingrui Mou)


    •  2   Gentzon Hall
    •  9   Matt Sinclair
    • 16  John Musgrove

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