GIM Culture of Inclusion & Equality

The Duke Division of General Internal Medicine (DGIM) is committed to providing a culture of inclusion and equality for all of its faculty, staff, and trainees.

Any member of DGIM faculty, staff, or trainee with concerns have a number of options for reporting concerns, including discussing them with the Division Chief, Dr. Ebony Boulware.  In addition, there are a number of additional resources to support our culture.

Reporting discrimination and harassment, including sexual assault, interpersonal violence, and stalking:

Confidential Reporting Resources:

  • Medical Center Emergency Department - 888-275-3853, 919-684-2413
  • Personal Assistance Service (for employees): 
      > 919-416-1727
      > 919-932-9026 (Duke Regional employees)
      > 919-872-4786 (Duke Raleigh employees)
  • Durham Crisis Response Center 24-Hour Line: 919-403-6562

Formal Reporting Resources: