How To Apply

2017-2018 2nd Year Duke Nephrology Fellows

The Division of Nephrology at Duke uses the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) application process exclusively. Duke Nephrology endorsed the "all in" participation in the NRMP match.

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We require three letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and USMLE transcript. We do sponsor J-1 and H1b visas for selected applicants. Completion and passing of all three USMLE steps are required before the start of training.
All applicants interested in training at the Duke Nephrology fellowship training program will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin.


  • July 5, 2019 Fellowship applicants can start submitting applications via ERAS.
  • July 15, 2019 Fellowship programs start receiving applications via ERAS.
  • Late July - October 2019 Interviews conducted.
  • November 20th, 2019 (11:59pm ET) Rank Lists due to NRMP.
  • Dec 4th, 2019 MATCH DAY
  • July 1, 2020 Fellowship begins.

How Will You Be Notified of an Interview?

Applicants will be notified by email (the one denoted on their ERAS application) directly from the program director. This email will contain several possible interview dates to choose from.

Can I Request Specific Faculty Members to Interview With or Specify Specific Interests Before the Interview Day?

Yes. We encourage applicants to reach out if they have specific interests. This will ensure your interview day will be high yield.

Structure of a Typical Interview Day

Interviews are conducted from Late July to October during the interview season. Interview days are typically Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week.

  • Interviews are typically scheduled with 1-3 applicants at a time
  • The interview day starts at 8-8:30 am depending on the day of the interview.
  • The day starts with a 1:1 brief meeting with the program director or associate program director.
  • Interviews are conducted on Thursday or Friday of each week. Applicants will attend morning conference on those days.
  • We try (depending on schedules) to have applicants round with a clinical inpatient team.
  • Lunch with all fellows at noon
  • The morning and afternoon will consist of ~5 interviews, 30-minute interviews with faculty or the chief fellow.
  • The interview day will conclude with an interview with the program director (or associate program directer if out of town).
  • Each applicant will have an interview with the program director, associate program director, and division chief unless they are out of town.
  • The day concludes at 3:00-3:30 depending on travel arrangements or other factors.

Certification Information 

  • ABIM requirements for certification in Nephrology  

Duke Health Links 

Nephrology Organizations 

For additional information, please contact:

Karina Sotomayor
Program Coordinator, Duke Nephrology
Phone: 919-684-8703

Contact Information for Graduates

Duke University Hospital
Nephrology Fellowship Program
External/Physical Address:  2 Genome Ct. Durham, NC, 27710
Interoffice/Mailbox:  Box 10315
Durham, NC  27705
Phone:  (919) 684-8703
Fax:      (919) 681-3011
Attn: Karina Sotomayor

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