Program Overview

The Duke Philosophy

The Duke Nephrology Fellowship Program is fully accredited and awards four new fellowships each year. The program provides structured training tailored to meet the goals of each individual trainee.

Duke Nephrology Fellowship Curriculum Website 

Our approach is to attract the most talented fellows and then equip them to accomplish whatever they wish in Nephrology.

The 3 Nephrology Scholar Pathways:

Clinical Investigator Pathway (3 years)

Biomedical Science Investigator Pathway (3 years)

Clinical Concentration Pathway (2 years)

World-class Training for Both an Academic or Clinical Practice Career

Whether a fellow intends to pursue a clinical career or a research career, the first year of training is composed of clinical training on four consultative services and two outpatient rotations.

Clinical Practice Career

Fellows looking for training to prepare for a career in clinical practice complete the 2 year Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) nephrology fellowship with the second year (the clinical concentration pathway) consisting of additional time on the clinical services and potentially elective experience tailored to the interests of the individual with possibilities including transplant nephrology, interventional nephrology, geriatric nephrology or public policy/administration.

Academic Career

For fellows interesting in pursuing an academic career, the first year of research is part of the ACGME nephrology fellowship. The second year (and possibly additional years, depending on funding) of research is served as a Biomedical Scholar, an Institutional Council for Graduate Medical Education (ICGME) fellowship. Eligible fellows will be placed under the Duke Nephrology NIH funded T32 training grant or additional funding is sought from both internal and external sources. Below is a list funding award achievements from graduates of our fellowship program since 2000.

Night Float

Fellows will not take overnight call during there fellowship. We have a night float system in place.

  • Night float blocks are two-weeks in duration, 5 days each week
    • days off are covered by an attending and a upper level moonlighter
  • First years have 3- two-week night float blocks
  • Second years have 2- two-week night float blocks
  • Third years do not have night float


After your first year you will be eligible for internal nephrology moonlighting with approval of the program director. Additional moonlighting activities are available at the Durham VA and Duke.

Diversity and Inclusion at Duke

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